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I got my Covey Blush Pink classic planner

and It's Goin' Down --  My Printer is Humming

I started out designing an Address Book | Reference Sheet and kept designing . . . 

I n t r o d u c i n g   T h e   L a t e s t
{print*works collection}

Chances are, if you're reading this, you don't know me.  I'll share a few facts + things I enjoy:
  • I used to be an Executive Secretary for 8 Years
  • I owned an Interior Decorating company for over 12 Years
  • I love the computer and programs like Excel, QuickBooks and Word
  • I have a huge passion for Photoshop
  • I feel like I need to add something cute like, "I love coffee + my dogs!" Here goes ...
  • I love watching Fixer Upper, Love It or List It, The Big Bang Theory and Persons of Interest
  • I have 3 pairs of dogs:  Maltese, Papillon and Great Pyrenees {I'll add some pics}
  • I'm an Empty Nester and was an Orchestra, Soccer + (is) Golf Mom with 2 collegiate athletes and a cellist.
  • I enjoy working in the yard + bringing my roses back to life. My husband digs the holes for my new plants + flowers and sprinkler leaks.
  • My Pinterest board is AmbianceDecorTX
  • I pig out on coconut cream pie or chocolate chip cookies at bedtime, in bed, while watching HGTV
  • I fall asleep watching HGTV
  • I'm eating a bag of Ruffles potato chips at this very second because I skipped lunch so I could work on FLOURISH!
  • When I go to Steinmart, I rarely pass up the chance to buy a Ghiradelli milk chocolate + carmel bar
  • Obviously, skipping lunch wasn't a great idea :)
  • I failed the 30-Day Abs Challenge but will try again once I am caught up here!
  • I rarely give up, even when I fail.
  • I believe in always trying to improve myself.  
  • I listen to Joel Osteen messages because he is awesome.  He inspired me in many ways and encouraged me to start designing again after a short hiatus.  

"The best is yet to come."  Joel Osteen

If you've purchased any of my digital products, you know and it's been mentioned before, that I am highly organized.  Any position I've had, it's always been "my thing", "my strength".  "Julie is so organized!" I'm lucky, I can keep a lot of it in my head, jot some notes down and roll with it. However, it's true, write it down and I accomplish more.  With my effort toward digital design and other aspects in my life, I stopped buying a planner.  I had used Covey for business and became relaxed about my planner working from home.  I began documenting and recording lists and notes on legal pads and the backs of envelopes, while trying to find space in my Address Book for new sites and info.  I cannot tell you how many phone calls I had while scrambling to look for something to write with and a place to write it down.  I was missing my Planner.  I decided time to buy a new one and organize my work flow and life. 

The REAL NEWS is my career + computer experience provided its own inspiration while designing this beautiful planner. It is matter of fact and to the point.  This planner IS versatile in the way it is set-up.   General columns are provided for tailoring the sheets towards your own interests, projects and day.  The charming design and expandable layout gives you more space for detail.  The 4 column Daily Tasks Checklist is my favorite page because my line of work is task oriented.  

  • Yearly Reference 2-Page
  • Monthly Grid Style 2-Page for Planning
  • Weekly 2-Page Pre-dated
  • Daily Tasks 2-Page 4-Column Priorities Checklist
  • Weekly Goals 2-Page 4-Column Priorities Checklist
  • Monthly Goals 2-Page 4-Column Priorities Checklist
  • Names | Numbers 2-Page
  • Websites 2-Page
  • Website Admin {very techy-wish I'd had this before} 2-Page
  • Customer Support 2-Page for Documenting Product + Tech Issues/Resolution
  • Greeting Cards 2-Page
  • Monthly Events 2-Page with 3 Month Layout
  • Blog Post | Social Media 2-Page Post Development | Social Media Columns with 2 sections
  • Bokeh Butterfly Image Dividers 
  • Planner Cover 
  • Planner Back Page
  • Grid Paper

I love many of the planner accessories that are currently trending the market.  I have actually purchased some gold paper clips to match the binder rings -- soooo pretty!  While I was at it, I felt pressured to purchase washi tape because I'm a digital designer. I have washi tape in a digital kit but I've never owned a roll. I felt sorta guilty for that while I stood in the aisle with sample sheets scanning every row of an 8' shelf for the perfect patterns to coordinate. I haven't opened them yet.  If I do, I'll probably get hooked. Then, I snagged a few more items, like a Pentel BL407 Pink Pen, clear 5.5 x 8.5 plastic sheet protectors, and a golf club Post It note holder for my son.   I thought my son would find the golf club item funny ... it was on sale. It's very clunky.  He'll think of me :)  The main reason for the trip was to have a ream of 28 lb. paper cut to half size. No more hand cutting every sample page I print!  I love zippin' these babies off the printer!  The classic size 5.5 x 8.5 is a neat size paper.  Not too big; Not too small.  I am able to get more details on a page, when needed.

I enjoy spending time developing + focusing on products for women like myself, who want something that is fresh + pretty, concise, useful, inspiring and entices them to use it for their own creative and professional purposes!  If you buy my planner, you will not be required to purchase colored markers + glittered stickers.  If that is you're thing, it's okay, I won't tell a soul.  I know that professional women, crafty women and moms of all ages would love the Flourish Planner Collection. It's detailed, fun yet *down to biz*!  Kinda like myself and a bunch of you!

There are many things I like about the FLOURISH PLANNER Collection, namely the convenience of having your most important information and ideas in an all-in-one desk style planner.  I believe the whole cell phone and social media thing pushed away my urge for a paper planner.  But what do you do when your cell phone wipes out?  And when I need to write something quickly?  I prefer one place to jot down appointments vs. back and forth to the computer, iPad or phone.

This is a great product from the ombre blush pink color palette, to the sweet hand-drawn floral background. I am also VERY HAPPY to have a binder + planner back in my hands.  The tactile essence of paper is what it's all about.  Print on 28 lb. paper. It just feels great, with a smoothness + subtle weight that speaks quality.

Take a look at the previews, any questions, just ask.   You can also SHOP MY ETSY and read more. I will be writing a few more posts about the Flourish 2016 Printable Planner over my Blog.

Please print a sample!  Check my TWITTER feed for it!

. . . flourish . . .


. . . with a pretty new planner . . .

IN 2016

If you're a dog lover, here are a few photos of my pack!  They are my Fur Babies  :)

Emma + Tiger