NEW PRODUCT: Pet Rescue Labels

Anyone who knows me, knows that I adore dogs and have 2 adopted Great Pyrenees.  This collection of pet rescue labels / overlays have been designed for photographers, rescues and shelters to add to the photos of animals in need.  They can be used in Photoshop, Gimp which is free photo editing software, and other photo editing products (png format).  These overlays enhance photos + help raise interest by promoting special pets waiting for their furever homes!


While Great Pyrenees are known as "Gentle Giants", they are right up there on the top of best breeds to guard.  They have a instinctual ability to guard livestock due to their independent thinking.  They are one of the oldest known breeds of dogs and I recently read that they have lineage from the Asian Wolf!  

There is something very special about this breed including our 2 mixed breed Pyrs.  They are loving and so intuitive.  I believe that I will always have a Pyrenees because of their laid back nature.  They are independent but if you work with them, they are relatively easy to train.  That's Tiger on the preview.  He loves to get in between me and any of our other dogs that are getting attention.  He loves to play and romp around with Emma.  They are such a joy to watch!  And as big as they are they are not anymore trouble than smaller breeds I have had.  {just a *little* more dog hair} ;)