New Digital Scrapbook Kit: Dream In The Garden digital kit

Here's the latest digital scrapbook kit for gardeners + dreamers alike!

It's been an amazingly beautiful year.  The Summer here in Texas has been nice.  Our temperatures didn't soar past the 100s much with a good amount rain.  We were able to do a lot more yard work this summer because of that and added a stone path, monkey grass, begonias, daisies and salvia!  The salvia fills the landscape, cascading over the deck.  It's drought tolerant and smells so good.  I needed low maintenance color and planted a few containers with red Bogainvilleas. I planted in Miracle Grow soil and watered about every other day after a few weeks. They branched up and out!  So lovely.

There are 3 styles of floral in this kit making it versatile and fun to mix + match. Quadrilles {that accordion looking flower}, paper flowers, craft flowers, as well as a great collection of natural roses and greenery!  Look at all the cute ways you can cluster!

These digital clusters make layouts easy to start!  Simply add a paper, frame and photo!

Of course some vintage frames + two styles of ribbon!  Red + black gingham and brown grosgrain.

Here are a few grungy digital wood papers.  That black floral paper is beautiful and looks great with the chalkboard, wood tones + green tones!   I also love the botanical digital paper too! 

+ B O N U S +

These garden labels are perfect for those who love to photograph and scrap about their gardens.  A plain label is included for names of other flowers + plants.