20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: Monthly Template July

[20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: July's On This Day]

Here is the July Monthly *On This Day* Template for the 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases project. I adore this image of the little girl with her dog.  Such contentment and happiness.  It reminds me of simple days growing up as a little girl and wishing for a big St. Bernard, now I have 2 Pyrenees.

Drop shadows were key to making this month's template appear to be 3D.  Notice how the "distance" is increased for the drop shadow.  
  • Select the layer of the item you have added a drop shadow to. 
  • Then, Click on *Effects* icon and the *Effects* palette will open
  • Go to the item with the palette open, then click down on the shadow and move manually to position.  
  • For the most part primary shadows are position in one angle.  However, there are times when you may want an item to be shadowed differently to standout.  This creates depth + dimension to digital layouts by making elements appear airy and realistic.
Hope you enjoy and that her happiness adds a little sunshine to your day!