20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: Monthly Template September

[20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: September's On This Day]

Here's the September  Monthly "On This Day" layout for the 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases project.

This is an awesome photo of Dolores Costello, grandmother of Drew Barrymore.  Here's some info on Wiki about Dolores, if you are interested.  She was deemed "The Goddess of the Silent Screen". The French design of her gorgeous dress and pose is riveting.  I love how this month's template turned out.  It is one of my favorites.  Simple + chic.

Here is the Photoshop Layers Palette with the various textures and blending modes used to show you how I edited the photos and papers.  You can see that I've added a paper to the monthly templates edge.  Use your favorite kit and create something unique.

~My Em~

I rescued a Great Pyrenees last year.  She's about 5 or so now and has such great character.  Strong. Patient. Respectful. Beautiful. Not Demanding But Let's You Know When She Wants Some Lovin'!

Last night, we let our little pack of doggie-dogs inside and I noticed that she lunged at our Papillon, Georgie.  I mentioned this to my husband, because Em is very large and could do some serious damage to a dog his size.  She had never shown any aggression towards our other dogs.  I could tell she was upset about something... I coaxed her inside, reassured her that everything was ok and fed her some dinner.

This morning, I let the dogs out and noticed that she immediately ran down the steps and was diligently eying Georgie again.  My other dogs were swarming around her barking.  Unfortunately, a young red squirrel had died yesterday  :(  Must have fallen out of a tree and/or Georgie ran it down... She had been protecting the little fellow from all the dogs yesterday.  There wasn't a bite mark on it.

I love my dog.