Adding Subtle Textures and Overlays to Photos in Photoshop

It's been way too long since I sat down and edited photos with Photosho. Today was spent working on a batch of summer photographs from our trip to the Dallas Arboretum.  Winter is my favorite time of the year for photo editing.  A warm cup of coffee, pretty pictures and Photoshop makes me feel cozy!

To get this effect, an adjustment layer/curves was used to pull up the lightness.  I also ran two different Photoshop actions -- just do a search to find ones you like!  Sometimes actions will take too much color out.  So, to offset that, copy the original photo, position onto the top layer, and add a blending mode of multiply @ approximately 15% opacity.  Adjust it till you get the tint you want. Photo Filters can also be added to give photos specific hues in the Adjustments menu.  Sometimes I will fill a complete layer with a selected color and change the Blending mode to either color burn, linear burn or multiply and varying opacity to get the tone to blend better with digital scrapbook papers and elements.  

Here is a close-up of the photo -- it really turned out beautiful -- note the subtle textures and smoothing in areas.  Now, the floral background looks like fabric!  Amazing . . .  don't ya luv Photoshop?

I use different textures, add a photo mask to each texture's layer, fill the photo mask with white and use a soft brush {black} and lower the opacity slider in the Brush palettte.  Remember, painting in black to take the texture off areas to smooth and soften.  Basically *white reveals* & *black conceals*.  This is a wonderful way to make your digital scrapbook layouts stand out by tweaking blending modes and using textures.