20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: Photoshop Class - Let's Fly Segment 4

W E L C O M E    F R I E N D S ~

Thank you for visiting.  Here is a great quote to think about:

“Clarity of painting comes from clarity of vision. 
A painter has to be emotionally right out there and present, 
both to perceive and to express.”
 -Kate Palmer

This quote by Kate Palmer can be applied to any creative process, including digital scrapbooking.  It is good to be strident about trying new styles and techniques. Try to come from a place of the heart, when you are creating.  Scrapbooking can be event related or emotion related.  Documenting your life through digital scrapbooking is a wonderful thing to do for your family and special friends.   I also enjoy digital altered art.  20TWELVE Photos + Phrases is intended to be a combination of those two mediums.

I design layouts on 5 primary areas:
  • Photo
  • Inspiration
  • Products
  • Life Events + Experience
  • Techniques
Reflection and visualizing is key to creating layouts that you are emotionally tied to and that will preserve memories for you & your family.  Tie together vision, emotion and great products - and you'll find your own signature.  

Keep a journal nearby to jot down your ideas for upcoming projects.  Do thumbnail sketches of ideas and layouts you like or want to create.  You will see your ideas blossom as you use these for inspiration.  There have been many times that I let an awesome idea fly out of my mind because I didn't write it down knowing that I should.  So, keep a notepad in your purse or on your desk to be ready when inspiration arrives.

[20TWELVE PHOTOS + PHRASES: Nov. Tutorial Let's Fly]

  • Practice Using Guides for Repositioning Elements
  • Practice Using Flattened Overlay Layer for Repositioning Elements
  • How To Use the Alignment Tool Bar for Positioning Elements
  • Drop Shadows: Tone, Global Light, Angle, Distance, Spread & Size
  • Adding & Removing Texture from Portions of a Photo