20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: Photoshop Class - Let's Fly Segment 5

W E L C O M E    F R I E N D S ~

The document is set-up & the fun now begins as I add the first batch of clusters; feathers & foliage.  These tips & Photoshop techniques will help you "see" your work in a different way and improve your Layers Palette workflow.  Keeping your work organized will help you as your clustering develops and becomes more elaborate.

Develop Your Own Signature Style of Clustering and Drop Shadows!

R E M E M B E R 

~ These Tutorials are about the journey!  Not perfection. ~

[20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: Photoshop Clustering & Drop Shadows.]


Adding Feathers & Foliage.
  • Layering the Background: Feathers & Foliage
  • Principles of Triangles in Digital Scrapbook Clustering
  • White Backgrounds as a Visual Aid in Clustering
  • Varying Drop Shadows to Quickly Add Depth: Distance, Spread, Size
  • Copying & Pasting Duplicate Drop Shadow Layer Styles
  • More Work on Guides & Rulers When Clustering Elements
  • Rotating Digital Scrapbook Elements
  • Photoshop Blending Modes to Intensify or Lighten Elements