20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: Monthly Template April

[20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: April's On This Day]

I felt like creating something beautiful this particular day. The result is romantic, dreamy and heartfelt.  Entitled: BLOOM.  Peachy.  Idealistic. Romantic.

This vintage photo reminds me of the passionate moments in my life.  To have someone in your life who makes you feel this way whenever they are near is usually Once in a Lifetime. While I gardened roses that day, some thoughts crossed my mind.  I love how the Chinese develop life philosophies based on nature.  So, later I wrote:

A Rose, Beautiful and Blooming. 
Colorfully Vibrant & Glorious.
Soft Petals Enduring Nature & Sun, Wind & Rain.
Yet, When Cut from the Root, It's Beauty Begins to Fade.
Petals Fall Softly to Earth - Scattered & Wilting. 
While Winds Blow & Birds Continue to Sing.
A Rose Surely Fades.