Photographie Creatif: Autumn Photos Weekend

T I M E   F O R   P H O T O G R A P H I E   C R E A T I F ~

It was time . . . It was beckoning . . . I wanted to play with my camera.  I posted on Facebook that there was so much I wanted to do and this was one of the items on the checklist.  Actually, an item that was fun to do and didn't require work.  I was to the point, almost, of jumping over livestock fences to get photos of wildflowers and horses.  The thought of a passing field during a car ride home almost completely filled with yellow and a smattering of rust wildflowers while a horse kicked up it's heals crossed my mind.  At that time, I was kicking myself for not having my camera!!! OMG!!! A DREAM PHOTO IS WAS LET ME TELL YA!  As you can see, I stayed home.  I figured the horse wouldn't be as spirited in the afternoon and his owner might not take to me hanging over their fence!  Although, I've been known to do this in my own neighborhood.  By the way, last week, I pulled over to make sure a white mare was still with us because she was sprawled out napping one gorgeous day.  I whistled till she woke up!  Well!  She was soooo still!!!  ::blush::  

The weather was gorgeous last weekend, Sweater-Weather, so I put my *ugly ass tennis shoes* on, as my best friend calls them, { thankyouverymuch } equipped with brand spanking new orthotic inserts and traipsed around the landscape searching for a perfect shot, flowers to extract for digi, the mums, wisteria, and sage sitting on my porch waiting to be planted and fun photos of my bratty little dogs!!!   

{ written ever-so-lovingly . . . }

Speaking of Sweater-Weather, here's a PU Freebie for ya from AUTUMN BREEZE, of course . . . 

If you are a gardener, a gardener who journals occasionally and takes a few pics to stash away inside your favorite garden journal - then you get me.  And if one of your greatest pleasures in life is to take a small space in your yard and make it pretty - then you get me.  I will rake and blow away the tiniest leaf in pursuit of perfection and always, always, always think of the Dallas Arboretum's perfectly pruned and tidy flower beds.  I achieve great satisfaction from raking, hoeing, pruning, pinching back dead blooms, cleaning beds and watering for about . . . a week . . . each Autumn and Spring!  HAHAHA!  Yup, last weekend and Mother's Day weekends, with a few forced maintenance weekends in summer; and forget Winter, unless it's to take photos of ice and snow.  

If it wasn't 11:45 p.m., I'd work on this layout a bit more - but you get the jist of it.  And it's one for the Garden Journal.

Me Lovin' Fall . . .



  1. Gorgeous blog. I'll be coming here from time to time.

  2. Fabulous pictures and kits digi,love it!


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