New Products: Autumn Breeze Creatif Clusters Add On

I n t r o d u c i n g   T h e   L a t e s t
Autumn Breeze
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Photography: Jana Martiskova
Digital Scrapbook Kit: Autumn Breeze

Thanks for visiting my Blog today.  I hope you all are busy with your digi projects and playing with Photoshop!  It's beautiful here, my studio office door wide open, cool *autumn breeze* and little puffs of white clouds.

I feel very pleased with my new digital scrapbook kit and these beautiful digital scrapbook layouts.  I wanted them to appear quasi-realistic, like a photo attached to the side of an old house or stationery set on top of a desk.  This kit has subtle elements and papers that are vintage and very fun to scrap with.

O U R    B E A U T I F U L    S A M M Y

The first layout is of my daughter and our late Lab-Chow, Sammy, who passed away recently, after living a very full 17 years of life and surviving cancer of the spleen for 1 1/2 years!  She was an easy dog.  A quiet and loyal companion who wanted nothing more than to be with us and followed me and my other yappy, little lap dogs everywhere!  If the troop were up in the office with me, then Sammy was sure to follow.  All 5 making their place in the pack known, a complicated pecking order system, yet, they all knew that Sammy was Queen!  Last month, she followed me even more closely.  I sensed from her mild moments of confusion and down turned ears that she was declining from her illness and age.  I often allowed her to follow me up my office steps, although she took long rests between each step and encouraged her one step at a time by loudly counting all 8 steps to help maintain strength in her hind legs and boost her moral.  Then ... in early September, I noticed Sammy struggling to stand and her soft, soulful brown eyes dimming.  Although I anticipated the loss of her, it was very difficult, as I soothed her through her last day with me.  A loss that, thankfully, happened rather quickly over a Sunday afternoon last September.  I knew she wanted me near, and stroked her gently while telling her, "Go to sleep, Sammy.  It's ok ..." I cried quietly between phone calls to our veterinarian and my best friend.  She rests near us in our yard - because I knew she would rather rest in no other place, my son helped me to prepare.  My children grown and in college.  He happened to be home that weekend.  Sammy was stubborn and I honored her wishes to stay near.

She was a quiet, stocky, furry, soft and hugable Lab Chow mix that our youngest daughter brought home.  There were two puppies from a neighborhood foster family who had taken her in.  My daughter knows my soft spot for animals and thinking that I'd take BOTH, she had them follow her home.  I was reluctant at first and chose the black, lanky {yes, she was actually skinny}, adolescent pup with a super cheerful disposition and soft, glossy black coat!  Sammy was named and took her place alongside our late Sheltie, Jazz.  Over the years, Sammy grew upward and outward with our family and family of pets.  Always getting along with them all and maintaining her subtle dominance over the others {with one exception of a Great Perenese} whom SHE respected!  Nobody messed with Sammy.  The little dogs loved her, licking her face, jumping on her and she'd lay there, slowly wagging her tail until a gruff warning of a low growl stopped their teasing.

She never jumped up on you.  She would simply offer her right paw to shake your hand.  Then, she would offer it again and again.   Her favorite trick.  She would not listen when there was something or somewhere that she did not want to do or go.  Nope.  She would sit straight down heavily, stooping down low and look at you like, "I am NOT gonna do that!"  Bathing her was almost impossible in the bath tub, so we would shampoo her with the hose.  Seldom in trouble.  She managed to receive the full respect of anyone who came to our home.  And outsiders were not greeted but were warned.  Anytime we heard Sammy's bark in the yard, we knew there was someone there.  She was an exceptional watch dog and she loved our family.

She also loved our late Sheltie, Jazz.  Jazz passed years ago and when I brought Gigi home, Sammy immediately accepted Gigi and loved her with kisses!  I really believe Gigi reminded her of Jazz with similar hair color and ditzy disposition!  Gigi, till Sammy's last day loved on her all the time!  Throwing her love all up in her face, wagging her tail and licking Sammy incessantly!  Sammy rarely ever growled at Gigi, not seriously, just *enough is enough already!*  Geez!  And many times she reciprocated Gigi with a simple lick and wag of the tail.

She was wonderful to love on and hug. Compassionate and patient. I loved her thick, black, downy coat.  On frustrating days or early mornings, I sat outside on our back porch steps, with her bedside me, a cup of coffee and my arm flung over her, listening to the birds, or thinking, or just enjoying the softness of her downy hair.  Moments that I cherished.  Especially in her later years, knowing her decline and that those days were numbered . . .

We should all live like that every day.  Loving those around us each moment because our days are numbered until is it our time.  Enjoy your autumn.  Enjoy the moments.  Embrace Life.

I N    M E M O R Y    O F    S A M M Y