New Product: Autumn Breeze Digital Scrapbook Kit

I n t r o d u c i n g   T h e   L a t e s t
Autumn Breeze
{mega*works collection}

Did you have a *creatif* summer?  Are you on target for your, *gasp*, 20TWELVE resolutions?  Not to worry, Autumn is here . . .  A season that reminds us all about what is truly important, the beauty of nature which lures us all back into sparkling sunlight and makes us wanna grab a pumpkin-spice latte!  Relax, take a sip of that latte, breathe in some cool, fresh air and simply focus on what's important to you.

These photographs portrayed in the Autumn Breeze {frames*works} Collection preview are simply gorgeous.  Visually inspiring and dreamy, as artful as the photographer's own soul.  I wanted special images for this scrapbook collection, photos that mark the true spirit of the season, and turned to Jana Martiskova! 

Love the Church Steeple in the background and perfect balance of the image.

A serene and happy moment many yearn for.  An example of how Jana creates vintage-feeling yet modern photographs and blends the styles seamlessly and effortlessly.

For me, Jana captures the beauty of the most important things in life, the simple things, through her camera lens.  Within her photography, I always find a part of myself I feel connected to like the quiet solitary moments, the beautiful moments observing nature & places, the fascination with color & form.  Unique and "of another world", the worldofnevara, I find her work to be satiating.  Romantic, yet real.  She is keen on capturing soft, glowing moments and the magical, shimmering effects of sunlight.  Following her personal taste in hue and texture, I am drawn to her work.  It is relaxing.  It is simple, yet grand on a soulful scale.  Vintage, yet modern.  Transitional in that it speaks for many people of many nations.  Humanity on a large scale with one simple photo.  Being real, being at peace with ourselves.  Her photography beckons us to take the time to revel in our daily surroundings of which speaks volumes about who we are at the core.

If all the world could see through Jana's eyes, it would be a far better place.  Her work is a sweet celebration of life.  I only hope that my new kit speaks to you in this way, even if on a whimsical level, that an Autumn Breeze is something we all enjoy.  E M B R A C E    L I F E.

T R E A T    Y O U R S E L F ~ Take a few every day photos of your usual surroundings or places that bring you solace.  Set up a vignette & make it simple: a favorite vase with a simple flower, your cup of coffee or favorite beverage near your computer, your favorite pet napping!

Here is the Creatif Inspiration interview of Jana for those of you who missed out.  Please visit her Blog and sign-up on her mailing list for new posts.  Soul candy for sure.

A few layouts I've done.  This kit ranges from apricots, to rust, to sage, to plum tones and coordinate beautifully together!  I really, really L O V E these colors!  When you start using this kit, you'll want to keep creating layouts.  So, if you have a larger project like a 2-page or even an album, this is a great kit for it. 

Have a fantastic Autumn!

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