New Product: SPORT Club Golf Digital Scrapbook Kit

SPORT Club Golf*

My oldie but goodie, SPORT Club Golf* , available at my STORE.

Here's a closer look at this WAY-TRAD sporty kit?  The word about SPORT Club Golf*  are the detailed elements with great textured papers.  There are Photoshop Brushes of marquis, scorecards, swooshes included in this kit, as well as golf quotes of professional golfers such as Al Barkow, Arnold Palmer and Sam Snead.

Grungy photo frame, earthy cluster perfect for accenting golf pics and antique golf-style frame!

Detail of Quick Layout Using the Photoshop Golf Brushes in SPORT Club Golf*

18 Marquis Brushes!  
Do a color overlay in Photoshop to make the brushes your golfer's favorite color.
Resize Photoshop Brushes to use as cool background graphic for your papers as shown here 
or small accents for photo frames.  

The earthy elements golf Moms appreciate 
and the beautiful landscape on the golf course.

Personally, I love the Grip It & Rip It Sticker!

I wanted to do some special elements with golf tees and divot markers.
By the way, "divot" a pice of turf dug out of a grass surface, 
especially by a golf club or horse's hooves. [from Scottish, of obscure origin]

Another detailed look at the elements.  Chunky, cool, "trad".

If only, as Golf Moms, we could impart knowledge
to our kids and actually have them listen!
Don't worry too much -- it WILL get better . . . :)

Gotta Golfer Granduating Soon?

My Mom & I designed the floral.
Wire 3 drivers together for a floral arrangement.
Use paper covered florist wire so not to scratch.
{Like they haven't been thrown before - LOL!}
And a bit of styrofoam in the center to build on.
See the golf ball hidden in there?
An orchid, grass, dried mushroom and simple wire ribbon streamers
and some cool green twine cascading down.
I designed the graphics and printed one for each member of his golf team.

This is my family:  my husband, two daughters and son
My husband often looks like a deer caught in headlights in pictures ;)

Here's a better photo :)

Okay! Better!

My Brother's Fam . . .

My Sister's Fam . . . we missed Josh!

My Mom & Dad with Mas!

~ Us Girls ~