New Product: Facebook Timeline Covers by Papier Creatif

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Facebook, like a lot of social media hubs, is ever changing.  One of the latest additions to their platform is the Facebook Timeline Cover.  Really cool and if you haven't converted yet, I'd recommend you do!  Very interesting to see the way that they convey your images and info for your page. Naturally, I felt inclined to create some special covers with the Papier Creatif spin! These cheerful little gems have sentimental quotes that will add sunshine to your Facebook page! 

"The LOVE of a Family is Life's greatest Blessing."

"Happiness is Like a Kiss.  Your Must Share It to Enjoy It."

This set is available at MY ETSY - $1.00 for the Set of Two!

Here's the Facebook Link for   *Timeline: A New Kind of Profile*.  You can read up on basic info for adding a Timeline to your Facebook page, as well as how to add your personalized Timeline Cover.

PLEASE NOTE:  It's Ok for you to share with ONE friend as a gift!!!  I simply ask that if your other friends like my Facebook Timeline Covers to direct them to my Blog to purchase this set.  OR, if they'd like something different, I will create one just for them for $1!  That's right . . . a buck. Now, go buy yourself a Coke.





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