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Jana Martišková of world{s} of nevara

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The Creatif Spotlight for February is Jana  Martišková.  To punctuate how many images I filter through on flickr's search engine, well -- let's just say it would be in the 10s of thousands.  Jana's photographs have so many elements of art:  color, balance, perspective, emotion, light, composition.  Drawn to images that engage me in some way,  hers have a light-hearted vibe.  I adore the earthiness, gorgeous texture and soft color she depicts which are cheerful and artistic.  She is truly creative and an artist on her way.

Her photos & candid thoughts during the interview hint that she has the heart of an old soul.  I had no idea she is a mere 19, studying marketing.  Yet, I do recognize a purity of spirit in her images that are joyful & inspiring.  Simple beauty captured in such an appealing way. Turquoise, Aqua, Bokeh, Sunbursts, nature jump lightly from her camera lens!  I totally fell in love her photography style and you will too!  Here is a sampling of her images along with her interview.  You can also find her on flickr.  And I just had to highlight the mittens and snow in one of my *Poloroidish Frames*!  So perfect for the horizontal size.  And the colors look fantastic in it!

Please visit Jana's blog where she resides on the other side of the World.  :)

. . .  Photography:  the picture of one's soul . . .


Jana Martišková, 19 years old, student of marketing, big dreamer and lover of life. With the soul of an artist and many untold stories in my mind.

 . . .   this is what she has to say  . . .

What was the 1st photograph you took that you realized your love for photography?

I was a little girl, who loved to play in the garden.  Once I made bouquet of meadow flowers and put it on the wooden table.   I was so fascinated with this that I realized to take a photo to remember this sweet moment.  That was the day when I totally fell in love with photography, but in that time I didn't have my own camera.  I had to wait until the year 2006, when I got my first digital camera.  Two years later, I bought the DSLR camera.  In these days, I prefer analog camera instead of the digital one.

What list of things goes through your mind before you press the button?

It just happens.  In reality, I don’t think a lot about how to take the photo, maybe I can say that it is very subconscious process.  It’s true, that there are some occasions when I have created an idea in my mind.  Then,  I imagine the picture in my head and I try to follow this imagination in reality, too. Sometimes it is very difficult to express my internal thoughts.

How has photography changed your view of the World?

I can enjoy my life more,  I am more sophisticated now,  I found harmony,  the beauty,  I am more able to observe details and feel them,  I have changed my days into poesy.  And I have created my own philosophy of life,  that I try to influence and dulcify the being of the others.   It does not matter how many people will be interacted,  if only one is interested in,  that is the success for me. 

Favorite camera and lens?

Not very many choices.  Canon EOS 450D with basic lens and EF 50mm f/1,8.   And my beloved analog camera Zenit-E + Industar-50-2, 50mm f/3,5.

What is your favorite go-to photo processing tip?

Mostly,  I stand aloof from the postprocessing.  I prefer the natural look of the pictures, of the light, of the colours.  Sometimes, when I want to add the melancholy into my photos,  I play with the saturation. 

How do you capture such lovely color in your photos?

I think,  everything is about natural colors of this world,  about natural light and the character of the film which I used,  of course.   But the world and nature and people are truly the best creators of my colorful photos. 

Outside of photography, what have been the strongest influences for your art of photography?

The whole life.  I know,  I am repetitive,  but the daily life and the world around us is the biggest inspiration for every artist.  A very special part of my inspiration is the light and its metamorphoses. The morning light,  the light before sundown,  the light after rain,  those specific visions at the sky. Yes,  it is the sun which influences me the most.

What is your favorite trend in photography?

For me, the analog photography is one of the trends I see in photography.  And it is my favourite. Analog photos are totally different, with lovelier atmosphere and more natural colors.  None of the effects in Photoshop can make the same aura.

What are the most important key items you look at, when determining where to crop a photo?

It's just a feeling.  Mostly,  I don't conform to the rules about the composition which are known in the sphere of the photographers. 

Which of your photos do you feel defines you most as a photographer?

Truly,  I don’t consider myself as a real photographer.  It is just my passion and way of capturing my memories.   So, I can only speak about my closest and lovable photos, but it is still hard to choose them. 

Your favorite person to photograph and why?

My sister.  Because we are very close to each other,  she is very beautiful and fresh woman, always grateful and able to accept my wishes. 

Thank you so much, Jana, for sharing your lovely work!  All inspiring & beautiful!




  1. How wonderful! Her photos are soft and amazing. I love them I am so glad you shared her link with us:)


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