InSights: Photographie 01.09.12

I caught 3 of my dogs looking a bit pathetic as they sat out in the misty rain on the 9th.  Whenever it's cold or rainy, they procrastinate instead of taking care of business!

My furry trio were sitting *on point* under the eave's shelter, looking steadily at the door, SITTING THE SAME EXACT WAY + WITH THE SAME EXACT EXPRESSION! Oblivious, as I watched them from inside.   My camera happened to be out on the kitchen cabinet {collecting dust} and, well, they saw me move! Bummer!!!
Woulda been such a stinkin' cute photo with the 3 of them! 
I added a texture and edge burn.  The window's condensation, misty rain, and lighting made for an artsy kinda photo.



  1. Look at you - you've been so busy! Me, not so such anymore...unfortunately. I'm doing well here in AZ, and thanks so much for sending Paula my way as well. That was very thoughtful of you!

    Peace & Luv,


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