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I am so excited about this story, ladies!  I couldn't believe the serendipity!

I went for a quiet walk with my eldest daughter last night who is on break from college.  She has been so patient with me. Thoughtfully appreciating my enthusiasm of digital design and the launch of 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases.  She keeps busy but I can always tell when she is needing time with me.  She'll give me subtle hints like ...

"Mom?  Don't you think you should go walking today?  Wasn't that one of your resolutions?"

translation . . .

"Mom ... Let's spend some time together and go for a walk.  I'm worried about your weight." 
(She's working on her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.)

-and also this-

"Wooowwww....  (sigh) I am really craving some sweets but I just caaaan't . . ."

translation . . .

"Let's make some homemade cookies!"

I stopped what I was doing and thought to myself, she'll be married soon and how many opportunities will I have to go for a walk and make cookies with my daughter?  :)  What's a few extra hundred calories, when I need to burn about a million.  After a casual, non fat-burning walk, chili for dinner and vanilla chocolate chip cookies for dessert, she asked if I wanted to look at some of her childhood memorabilia.  We sat down on her bed and looked through a stack of baby and childhood things I had saved for her.

We poured over a baby calendar I had journaled on so sweet and tenderly as a new mother.  

P R I C E L E S S.       T o t a l l y   P R I C E L E S S.

This calendar illustrates how your 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases   project could be a real tear jerker for your family in years to come.  :)  If you are into journaling, perserving memories and want a fun project to do while learning some Photoshop skills.  I would love for you to join me!

The 20TWELVE Monthly *on this day* template serves the same purpose as this, with only a few words jotted down and some simple journaling.  With the help of the Photoshop, now I can amp up my 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases with digital scrapbook styled pages or altered art to highlight each month.


My parent's 1st visit.

The 1st time she uttered "Mama" . . .  
{I told her that should be the day our family actually celebrates Mother's Day!  ha!}

My brother going with us for her 1st checkup.

A little game that she and her daddy played.

The Tulsa ice storm in 1987 - no heat!  We had Jacqueline sleep between us to keep her warm!

There was so much more over the course of a year.  And she was thankful and excited that she came across this tucked away treasure in her room.  They are for her.  Her family.  Her future.

When I saw those sweet calendars, it really iced my opinion of this project!  I haven't changed much after all these years.  I write less neatly but still enjoy scrapbooking, journaling and photography.  It made me feel good to know that I had preserved those memories especially for her and she will always remember that of me.



  1. What great memories! I don't have anything like that saved for my kids. I started a journal when my son was born, but we only lasted a month doing that. Glad you took the time to go for the walk and bake cookies!


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