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As a Bloggy Mom who is almost an empty nester, I know ladies - I have been there!  :) Motherhood is filled with joy, great times & memories, crazy busy days that are stressful.  You find yourself spinning a half-dozen plates and wearing 3 or 4 hats at any given moment.  And -- let's not forget the laundry piled up that needs folding.  Or, trying to get through blow drying your hair before the baby cries or spills milk! 
And -- all you awesome sports moms, I know, your weekends are sometimes filled with 3 - 4 tournament games, your face gets all wind burned and your voice started giving out from "cheering". Whatever happened to date nite???
Yes?  I know!  :)  And guess what - they were some of the best years of my LIFE!  Perhaps there are a few days I'd gladly trade, but for the most part, being a Mom is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life!  I am not done yet ... Motherhood lasts forever!
So ... here's a secret.  Take the time to photograph the tender years, the school years, the sports years, the holidays. Take the time to organize it on your computers, in your photo albums, on your favorite website.  And if you want to get creative, take the time for YOURSELF to *create* ... to *get away* from time-to-time.  To make beautiful keepsakes for your family and friends.  To look at your life from the outside and see all the beauty in it.  That "imperfect life" that makes it uniquely your family's.
Digital Scrapbooking has been a huge inspiration in my life.  I have grown in so many ways from a simple program called Photoshop!  I love it.  I want to share it with those of you who are needing more from your life - or perhaps you just *think* you need more, when actually, digital scrapbooking is a visual thumbprint of *the good things* in life.  It reminds you of all it's blessings.
I read an article that it is VERY GOOD for children to see themselves in family photos. It gives them a much deeper sense of their identity.  It builds their self-esteem.  Imagine if your child, toddler to teenager, saw digital scrapbook layouts you have done of THEM. That you took time out of your day to focus on their life and what they are doing. My kids loved it and still do.  They range from 19 - 24!

this is another post relating to it with video clips

Do you need visual inspiration to hone in on your 20TWELVE goals this year?  

Try my new TOTALLY FREE WORKSHOP: 20TWELVE PHOTOS + PHRASES!  It's a great way to help organize your creative goals, photographs, digital scrapbook layouts!
  1. Learn how to do digital scrapbooking 
  2. Complete a cool Photobook for 20TWELVE
  3. Target your creatif or personal goals
  4. Plus, collect some totally FREE digital goodies
  5. Use the templates as a 2012 Calendar

Here's a look at what's included in the January kit!

Password: 20TWELVE

  • 20TWELVE Jan Template
  • 2 Digital Papers
  • 1 Ledger Paper
  • 3 Photo Masks
  • 3 WordArt
  • 3 Ribbons
  • 1 Tack
  • 2 Photo Frames

There will be step-by-step tutorials.  These are screen videos so you can *see* how it's done - not a lot of text you have to read through.  Fun projects that you can put your own signature style on or simply follow along with me to learn!
I have designed 12 months of beautiful creatif templates that are customizable.
Use the project to focus on your creative or personal goals for 2012.  The monthly templates will remind you of your targets each month.  See how your year unfolds with a snapshot look month-to-month!
I have some really great digital goodies for you to use!  Remember ... you can use whatever digital papers you want from other sources to make it look like you.  Questions about Photoshop, all you have to do is post a question in my forum for 20TWELVE PHOTOS + PHRASES or send me an email at
Bloggy Moms totally new to Photoshop are Encouraged to Participate!   
Have an awesome Bloggy Moms day!  Enjoy the January Hop!

  • Use my FREEBIES for PU, credit not required, but appreciated!  
  • When you complete your layout, Link up on the Monthly 20TWELVE PHOTOS + PHRASES Blog Hop for Papier Creatif!
  • Please share my Blog Button for this cool project!  :)



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    Thanks for visiting me today! I love you, girl! Hopefully, those goodies will come in handy for you!

    It would be great if you would submit some of your gorgeous work for everyone's inspiration! Your Bloggers are welcome to participate too. I love Altered Art and would enjoy seeing your spin!



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    Hope you'll try a month out to see!

    More vimeos with instruction soon :)

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