20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: Journaling w Techy Apps


Occasionally, I enjoy writing "books" about my life.  That's why I have an "InSights" tag on my blog.  Typically, I am always busy and happy being in creatif mode.  I find that titling and journaling take a secondary seat to my photo-based layouts.

I use two things to write down notes.  I really want to buy Microsoft Outlook for my new Mac but have been holding out.  Hopefully, soon!

1.  SPIRAL NOTEBOOK - {Papier Creatif Post: Parisian Journal}

This is a gift*journal I made for my Mom.  What I really love about this are the circle punched tabs stapled to 3 pages to create sections.  Makes it easier to find specific categories of notes you create for yourself.

If your paper stash is collecting dust, this is an easy and darling project that family members will adore, a handmade journal.

I jot down notes constantly for ideas, reminders, track lists of to*dos for personal and business.  And occasionally, exclamations of frustration and great BIG smiley faces!  


A simple monthly calendar that I jot down important events, appointments.  Typically, it's hit and miss for me.

Diva of jourNaling?  Nope.  That's exactly why 20TWELVE appeals to my inner creatif.  Anything that looks pretty or that is an outpouring of my soul from a digital design, interior design, or musical perspective,  I AM THERE, BABY!

I am DOING instead of JOURNALING!  Right?!

. . .  But wait  . . .

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE computer.  I enjoy Blogging, Texting, Surfing the Internet, Facebooking, Twittering.  All of these things leave a great written format of who am I and what I do.  THESE APPLICATIONS ARE DOING THE JOURNALING FOR ME!

Yep, I dig this stuff.  ALOT!  And it takes T>I>M>E!  Yet, it provides a digital footprint of what I find important.  Like photos, layouts, posts, tweets, inspiration.  [Photos + Phrases] that could be condensed and made to look ... totally cool on a digital scrapbook layout!


SO!  For those of you who enjoy recording special moments and events here are a few awesome cell phone apps that provide journaling/diary and stream a lot of  the primary social networking hubs along with it!   These apps are great tools for your journaling, tracking events, creating your to do lists, making voice notes, and merging your posts & photos directly into your "diary".

A convenient method to record funny interactions, stories, activities, prose, projects, kids activities & sports or personal & professional goals that will hit you out of nowhere!

Wherrrre's a piece of Paper & Pen?
Who knows!?
But my cell phone is attached to my hip! 

I still have questions about cell phone Diary / Journal apps.  The idea appeals to me because it personalizes our thoughts more.  Not everything I think and feel winds up in my Blog and there are moments when emotions and energy flood out of me! An app like this allows me to bridge the love of writing publicly through Blogging and expressing myself intimately and privately through a personal digital journal.  On a side note, I noted that some apps allow you to post to your Blog!

The primary drawback of "journaling via cell phone" is my preference for using a computer keyboard.  I type very fast and texting frustrates me!  I am sure I would use the diary app as an abbreviated albeit way to record my thoughts and ideas for my own 20TWELVE Photos + Phrases project.  There IS a voice recorder in some of these programs as well, but that does not see to be an efficient way to scan and absorb as much as I can seeing something written.  There are also Diary/Journal programs that provide daily prompts for journaling, if you are inspired by that.  I like that idea.

IMPORTANT ITEM TO NOTE:   I've read threads about backup issues, these apps are relatively new.  If you decide to use a cell diary/journaling app, follow the developer's instructions on proper backup.

"  Great idea for enhancing 20TWELVE projects, 
especially if you love being techy.  
Diary Apps are an added step 
but looks like a fun one worth investigating.  "

[iPhone Diary App.]

Momento  Diary/Journal

This one sounds really good.  I like that it includes Flickr & Instagram.  Right now, it appears that we just can't have it all but as much as they are throwing at us, WHY SHOULDN'T WE?  Personally, I'd love for Blogger to be included.  Perhaps we can add our own Blogs with the RSS/Atom web feeds.  On photos, since we are taking with our cell phones, we could simply use our own gallery.  The issue here would be memory storage for pics.  This one also links up with vimeo which is really cool.

The Apple website lists its features and supported feeds --


  • Write privately about your activities, thoughts and experiences quickly and easily
  • Tag memorable events, people you meet and places you visit for a fast and effective way to browse and search your Moments
  • Custom tags provide the flexibility to categorise and keyword Moments however you wish
  • Attach multiple photos to each moment from the camera or photo library
  • Rate moments to see your best days at a glance
  • Connect with popular web services and RSS/Atom web feeds to import, search and browse your online activity
  • Search your private moments and archived online activity
  • Passcode protect Momento to keep your moments safe and secure
  • Backup and restore your data using iOS 4's file sharing
  • Export your data in plain text with images using iOS 4's file sharing
  • Beautiful, easy to use, award winning interface

  • Facebook statuses & check-ins
  • Twitter tweets
  • Flickr photos
  • Instagram photos
  • Gowalla check-ins
  • Foursquare check-ins
  • YouTube videos
  • Vimeo videos
  • Diggs
  • Last.fm loved tracks
  • RSS/Atom web feeds

[Droid Diary App.]

I zoned in on a few Droid apps that would incorporate most of the social networking apps & sites that I use every day.  The Internet is where most of my daily inspiration and work are cultivated.  Things "happen" for me right here!

Andriod Market lists the following features for Diaro:


  • Protect your entries with security lock and backup encrytion.
  • Backup / Restore all entries and media files to ZIP archive or Dropbox
  • Select default entries view (Timeline, Categories, Calendar)
  • Manage categories and tags to organize all your entries.
  • Capture or add unlimited photos, images, pictures to entries
  • Set location and address automatically or manually
  • Search/filter entries by Categories, Tags, Location or other data
  • Share your entries via E-mail, Facebook, Twitter or other 
  • Font sizes, backgrounds, themes, AM/PM 24h time
  • Get Twitter entries alongside your diary
  • Use notification bar icon for fast entry
  • App 2 SD
  • Available for all Android versions
  • Full Developer support
  • With ads (can be removed)

Have fun trying these out and if they work for you, let me know how you use them for your 20TWELVE projects!



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