20TWELVE Photos + Phrases: Phrases Post No. 1

[ PHRASES Post No. 1 ]

Phrases & quotes are powerful.  More so than the spoken word at times!   To inspire and encourage your creatif or personal goals, I put together a list of uplifting 3-word Snippets.  So cute & cool!   Have you noticed that when reflecting on positive words while working on your layouts, art projects and journals .  .  .

y  o  u     j  u  s  t     f  e  e  l    b  e  t  t  e r    a  b  o  u  t     L I F E!

[ 3*Word Snippets. ]

{Right click on 3*Word Snippets}

These will look great used on your Monthly *on this day* layout somewhere!  I will show you some Photoshop tips about working with .png files when I update this post.

By the way . . .  here's some staples for ya!


  • Use 3*Word Snippets on your Monthly *on this day* Template
  • Perhaps choose a phrase to use each month to focus on
  • Use as descriptors for your family & friends in digital scrapbook layouts
  • Use as labels for your way cool altered art projects
  • Add the 3*Word Snippets directly onto a photograph to add interest

Simple list so you can edit with your own special font!

acceptance   |   aspire   |   achieve

believe   |   blossom   |   become

courage   |   clarity   |   confidence

dream   |   determination   |   dynamic

embrace   |   empathize   |   encourage

faith   |   fly   |   fulfill

grow   |   goodness   |   grateful

heal   |   healthy   |   happy

inspire   |   improve   |   invigorate

jump   |   joy   |   jubilant

keen   |   knowledge   |  kindhearted

loyal   |   learn   |   love

mirror   |   manifest   |   miracle

natural   |   nurture   |   nourished

open   |   optimistic   |   original

patient   |   purpose   |   peace

quick   |   quirky   |   quaint

reflect   |   refresh   |   renewed

simple   |   sincere   |   special

trust   |   transcend   |   transformed

understanding   |   uplift   |   unselfish

versatile   |   value   |   vibrant

worthy   |   warmth   |   whole

x*cel   |   x*uberant   |   x*traordinary

you   |   yielding   |   youthful

zealous   |   zippy   |   zest



  1. These are so great, I love them. I'm following you back from BloggyMoms :) I can't wait to see your future posts!

  2. Hello, thank you for the follow and your kind words about my hair pieces! Now following your blog as well, very neat! :)

  3. @Tess Glad you like them, Tess! I loved making them in Photoshop :) I'll pop by to visit you!

    @Dianna Thank you, Dianna! I would love for you to create some goodies for me to share on my blog and link to you. Email me for more info, if you are interested in that! :)


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