News and Events: Three Papillons, Two Turtle Doves and a ...

My 3 little Papillons are growing up and I am getting more and more attached.  I thought I'd share these photos with you dog lovers out there!  I just put the ad in the paper for them this week.  They will make really cute Christmas puppies.  And I am looking for tender, loving owners who appreciate this beautiful breed of dog.

Lily is the runt and the most affectionate in a snuggly way.  She is content to curl up on my chest underneath my sweaters and jackets.  It's been in the 30s - 50s in Texas the past few weeks.  Makes potty training kinda chilly sometimes.  I love watching the interaction between her and her mom, Gigi.  They have very similar dispositions.  This dog will be a *Momma's Girl * for sure! ... ohhhhh, I am going to miss her.

Eagle, or as I affectionately refer to her as *Eaglie*, is my other little girl ... She is a lot like her Daddy, Georgie!  Athletic with his face markings and bounces straight up in the air just like him!  I call out *Boing! Boing!*, when she starts jumping around.  She is as affectionate as Lily, lots of kisses, but prefers wrestling around with Leo.  She is so smart!  When I am preparing their food in the kitchen, she stands looking at me and turns to go to the family room where I feed them.  The other two follow me while my little, Eaglie, gets a head start!  Look at her beautiful markings!  She is just about pure white except for her pretty winged face and black spot above the tail.  She has a hint of a spot on her back.  I think she'd be a great show dog.  And if someone were to train her in agility, she'd be excellent.

Leo is ALL BOY!  He loves playing.  I knew it from the first time I took him outside.  He was quieter than the others when he was born.  As soon as he went outside, he perked up and became more playful!  He listens well and is the first to curl up with me, when the day winds down.  He's got a beautiful, thick tri-colored coat.  Note in this photo, he is the first to run to me.  He's such a sweetheart!

I am still working on my Master Bath Reno, adding a few extras to the Boodalicious Halloween kit, and tryin' to get geared up for Christmas.   With my house turned upside down, I am not looking forward to making more messes with boxes.  And my girls and son are all off to college now.  They used to help me quite a bit..... BAH! HUMBUG!  But!  I always feel so good when it's all done and lookin' festive!  I'll put some Natalie Cole Christmas music on and have a glass of wine.  That ought to do it!