Photoshop Tutorial: Stroke Selection *Angel Stay*

{layout} *Angel Stay *

{inspiration} The Photograph


  • Papier Creatif Papers & Photo Mask
  • Vera Lim Elements & Overlay

..... The Pen & Tablet came in handy for this sweet layout today.  You can create small elements that make a big splash and personalize digital layouts easily.

I wanted the corners to look framed and the heart to take on a contemporary, artsy edge.  So, I accented them with a bit of doodling.
  • In the Brush Palette, choose a hard round Photoshop brush and size to 7 px 
  • Create a new layer  under the primary element {heart layer for this layout}, start drawing circular scribbles underneath.  Make it look like a loopy fringe!  Now, take a look at the dimension you can easily add to simple shapes in Photoshop.
  • Create a new layer for each corner and draw accents! 

The black heart outlines .....
  • In Layers Palette, click down on the actual heart shape (that ensures you of what you are going to select}
  • Ctrl click the Shape {you'll see marching ants around your heart selection}
  • Create New Layer
  • Main Menu - Select, Modify, Border, 4 px or so (this expands the selection from 1 to 4 px)
  • Then Edit, Fill, Black
  • Ctrl D to deselect
..... You'll see a stroke outline of your heart.

..... Next, you can adjust the size further by using the Select Tool in the Tool Palette, hold down the Shift Key if you want the shape to maintain ratio, drag and pull to make it bigger.

..... For added dimension, you can rotate by holding down the Shift Key, hovering over a corner and when you see the arched arrows, click down on the mouse to move the shape in desired angle.  Click on the Layer or hit Enter to complete/commit the change.

..... Duplicate the layer a few times.  Then, as noted above, size and move to create interest.

..... You can always undo or delete layers you don't like!

Practice your doodling and modifying edges!



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