Photoshop Tutorial: Clipping Photos *Sonata*

{layout} *Sonata*


I luv that I found Tiffany Tillman's 52 THURSDAY TEMPLATES today and that these photos fits it in a cool way!  Go check out her website at the above link.  She artistically grunged up the top and bottom of her template's photo blocks.  I always enjoy series photography and capturing different expressions of my family.


Used the floral-edged bottom portion of her template horizontally with the piano's keyboard below the top 3 photo blocks.  This idea really launched the layout for me!  The piano photo was enlarged and sized to the top of the template.  The music at the top is the actual music propped on the piano.  I got lucky -- it fit perfectly.  You can also scan your own music or find a music texture or digital paper to clip. Sometimes I will duplicate a photo to get a portion of it to fit another area of the layout or extend the photo. {ie. if the photo doesn't fit a clipping mask...}

The 3 center photos are clipped individually and resized for interest.

Embellished with calligraphy alpha *SONATA*, bows, file folder and sticker for a festive look.

Another Option - 

This template on a simple white matt is really awesome, creating a more modern look.  The colorful Christmas background paper gives it just enough holiday spirit to shine :)  I actually like this version of the layout better but it's always fun to add MORE STUFF!  My daughter's black and white outfit, the black and white ivories and white matt jazz it up just enough!



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