Photoshop Tutorial: Drop Shadows *Always a Happy Girl*

{layout} *Always a Happy Girl*


This is my Jessi!  The all grown up version of my *Buttercup* who as a precocious toddler once told told me "No Mommy, I don't want to clean my room!"  LOL!  She has a natural gift of being great with kids and is pursuing a degree in speech pathology.

So true - her smile lights up a room.  Her hugs are the best, like her Daddy's.


With a bit of layering, some creatif photographie / photography, your layouts can pop off your scrapbook page.

To create depth and add interest to embellishments:

Drop Shadows - A bit of common sense here adds a whole lotta realistic *pop* to your elements.  Stack them by stepping up the distances of Drop Shadows. 

Take the half circle border, for instance, in the Layers Palette, double click on the layer - Layer Style>Drop Shadow a deep brown color was selected from the color scheme of the kit.  Then, the following options were set to:

Distance - 7
Spread - 3
Size - 57

As you layer, each time an element is added/layered on TOP of another on the layout, increase the "Distance" by intervals of 10 - 15 to create a *realistic stacking* shadow.  Also, play around with "Spread" and "Size" of the shadow to adjust edges of the shadow, as preferred.

The Triple Photo Frame included in the kit is actually a solid manila color.  I simply typed some text on a separate, transparent document {choose whatever words, phrases, symbols, etc. you'd like}, saved the text in a separate .png format file, pulled the file onto the layout, then clipped the text above the frame layer.  Use the "Select" tool to adjust the position aesthetically, as well as duplicate the layer to add in other areas of the frame.  This allows you to customize the frame and add the special phrasing you want.

Use Sports Mode on your camera or take several consecutive pictures of your subject to capture their different expressions.  Literally go Paparazzi on them!  You'll have several to choose from and pick the best out.  I loved the expression Jessi made looking out of the corner of her eyes!  I placed it first, so that she appears to be looking at the *Always a Happy Girl* statement.

So, this will be the subject of the Creatif Challenge this week.  Consecutive photos on a layout using clusters of elements! 




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