Photoshop Tutorial: Blending Modes *play with ABANDON*


Seriously!  Get your favorite scrapbook kits out & “PLAY WITH ABANDON!”  Or, have a go at this layout and I’ll share a few Photoshop tips to help you *Get Into Creatif Mode*!  This layout of my son playing guitar was taken on that windy Spring day in April!  A pretty cool photo – he looks like he’s been playing for years, doesn’t he?  Gotta note the Justin Bieber-style hair swoop! Ha!

{the photo.}

Quick-Tips for Creatif Photographie: 

1) The offset nature of him positioned far left with vertical lines of the building traveling across make an interesting pic.
2) White shirt, jeans & boots {not shown – oops!}.  A white shirt pops the subject from many backgrounds. 
3) The building has the appearance of a barn. It’s rustic which compliments his clothing. Dress appropriately to create a certain look or mood you want!

All common sense stuff … then it gets funnn …

Not too bad of a photo to begin with, but don’t we all absolutely love a little drama every now & then?  This is the good kind!

Creating the magic … Using the Layers palette, Duplicate Background {hold down the alt key, hover above the layer top line with the mouse and click down}.  Always create a copy of your background in case you want to revert to the original photo or make different edits.  Delete layers that don’t work & start over.  That’s one of the beauties of Photoshop.

In the Layers palette, change the blending mode to Vivid Light and adjust the opacity.  Here, the opacity was set to 73%.  The photo is now more vivid, creating great facial highlights & depth.  BUT!  It’s a bit much, eh?  So, we can tone that down.

For that slightly faded look that made this photo look a bit Western, click on the “create new fill or adjustment layer” icon at the bottom of the Layers palette.  Then, select Hue Saturation.  The adjustments fly-out menu appears, Hue: -3, Saturation: -77, Lightness +28.

I love how this blew out the tones in his face, highlighting his eyebrows with the focal point running down to his hand holding the neck of the guitar.  The photo itself now looks commercial-style with flashy highlights and a textured, repeating backdrop of the building. Okay! Cool enuf! Adjust Hue & Saturation levels to your he*Arts content!


This layout illustrates how a floral paper can be morphed to a masculine edge with the use of blending modes, typography & angles.


Papier Creatif – Papier Romantique {mega*works} Kit
                 SPORT Club Golf {mega*works} Kit

Earl K Designs – Green Marbled paper

Brush – Destroyed Heraldry

Fonts – Vtks Revolt & Vrinda


BACKGROUND - 12x12 white background

L2 - PC-PapierRomantique-Papier-16-Affligé-Fawn

L3 – Rectangular Marquee Tool, Fill w/ color #4c4644; move tool used to pull it out a bit offset/uneven.

L4 - PC-PapierRomantique-Papier-02-Fleurette-Ochre; w drop shadow color # 32250f; Distance-11; Spread-17; Size-84

L5 - PC-PapierRomantique-Papier-16-Affligé-Fawn; Layers Blending Mode changed to Overlay; Opacity-100%.

L6 – Brush Destroyed Heraldry, increase size of brush with right bracket key on keyboard, color # 264a34

-   position photo and photo frame

L7 - create photo clipping mask w/ Rectangular Marquee Tool, Fill w/ Black; clip photo

L8 – create clipping mask for marbled paper; clip paper, duplicate paper & in Layers palette, change blending mode to Pin Light w/ Opacity-70%

L9 – Photo Frame w drop shadow color # 4c4644; Distance-2; Spread-21%; Size-65

L10 – Duplicate L6; Destory Heraldy brush w/ Opacity-80%; Use eraser tool on this layer and erase areas off image as desired. Make sure foreground is set to black.  Tip: to reset foreground/background, hit Ctrl+D.

L11 - PC-SPORT-Embellish-SpiralPaperDistressed; Layers palette Blending Mode – Multiply; Opacity-70%.  Use a distressed edge brush to lightly erase portions of image to soften.  Then, use eraser tool w/ a soft round brush to, once again, erase areas off image as desired.  This will add a bit of color, grunge to the frame and photo.

L12 - PC-PapierRomantique-Embellish-Journal-Strip.  Using Move Tool, size according to photo frame.  Then, hover over a corner, when arced icon appears angle/move as desired.

L13 – Duplicate L13; PC-PapierRomantique-Embellish-Journal-Strip. Then, Edit>Transfrom>Vertical.  With Move Tool selected either arrow down to move or click down to pull down.

L14 – Using Rectangular Marquis Tool, create small rectangle large enough for words, Edit>Fill, color # 4c4644.  In the Layers palette, go to Layer Style, check Contour, then check Bevel and Emboss, double-click on Bevel and Emboss, then select Style-Inner Bevel; Technique-Chisel Hard; Depth-62%; Direction-Down; Size-5; Soften 2.

L15 – With the Text Tool; choose font-Vrinda; 12 pt.; color #f0e0c7; then type definition.

L16 – With the Text Tool; choose font-vtks Revolt Type; 80 pt., then type in lower case “play with”.  Then, change pt. to 62 pt. and in upper case type ABANDON”.

L17 – PC-FREEBIE-Calendar Monthly Selector. Using Move Tool, position around “with”, in Layers palette, change Opacity-75%.  Then, double-click layer, Layer Style fly-out appears, select Color Overlay, click on color, color # 4c6a58.

L18 – 21 Add staples to corners of journal strips.



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