Photographie Creatif: Whimsical Bird Cage


Time for some Photographie Creatif! Love looking for photographs that appeal to me & tie together in some way.

For me, bird cages are magical, inspiring, and awesome objects for photo ops, as you can see from this gallery collection layout.  I love the romantic dreaminess, textures, and creative takes of all these amazing images!

Inspired by my parents love of nature, I grew up in a quaint neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  My dad would waking us up in the morning with a cock-a-doodle-do or a soft sparrow chirping sound.  He fed and watered the wild birds, and would purchase books at flea markets and garage sales about birds. I enjoyed flipping through the pages so that I could identify different species.  Our neighborhood had the standard variety of blue jays, cardinals, sparrows, hummingbirds, and mockingbirds.  Several grew to recognize his high pitched feeding whistle and one mockingbird learned to trust him and fed from his hand.  And let's not forget the rabbits and squirrels... I had my Snow White moments there every now and then :)

My mother, who brought home pets almost annually, spotted a pair of finches along with a pretty bird cage one year for us.  They were THE cutest little creatures to watch, hopping and flitting quickly around the cage, chirping and carrying on.  One year, we bought nesting materials and they had tiny little babies!  Stinky but sweet!  And later, I saved up enough to buy a peach faced love bird, large cage and tall stand for my bedroom as a teenager.

So Whimsical ... the intrigue of bird & cage.

These days, I'd rather have a fun collection of bird cages, dogs at my feet and pretty wild birds flying freely around outside.  As far as scrapbooking, birds and bird cages have been *haute* for a long time.  Twitter has even made the theme even MORE popular.  How many ways can you draw and use these in your projects?  Not enuf!!!



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