Poem Dedicated to Tornado Victims & Families "Twisted Trinkets"

"The Earth is Rude,  Silent,  Incomprehensible at First;
Be Not Discouraged - Keep On - There are Divine Things,
Well Envelop'd; I Swear to You There are Divine Things
More Beautiful than Words Can Tell."
- Walt Whitman -


Dreary -- I busied myself today,
My heart dropping from the gravity of nature's wrath.
The frenetic toll of lives swept into the sky - twisted.
Loved ones reaching for each other in desperation,
During last moments of apathetic discord.
Split seconds of chaos like wrecking balls demolishing lives.
One moment - future; the next - gone.
Hopes, dreams, families torn & frayed.
Ugly skies weighing down upon humanity's fragile shoulders.

Dreary -- I busied myself.
And in the darkness, the glow of Our spirit flickers.
Determined to find the pieces of what once was,
to salvage the trinkets of love held fondly in memories,
that of which We are; or - tragically, that of which We were.
Hope begins by searching, by remembering, by feeling, by mourning.
One moment - gone; the next - future.
Hopes, dreams, families embrace.
The sky opens up to the sun's glowing grace upon Many.

Dreary -- I busied myself.
Knowingly, silently weeping, frustration enveloped me.
I sought words to heal, to offer encouragement to Us -
 for those whose Worlds the funnel clouds shred,
stealing their beloved; roaring distantly onward
only to disappear into the eye of God.
Their Loved Ones in God's Arms & Grace Bestowed.

Julie Horner, Copyright. 2011 All Rights Reserved.