Cool Product: Sporty Tote for Camera Gear and Your Stuff

{1st a Message from a Proud Mom ~ My Son @ Kingwood Country Club Lake Course}

Check out what I found at the Pro Shop!  CLICK BELOW! It's much better lookin' than the photo.

"Sturdy and spacious, the TaylorMade Ladies Tote goes to and from the golf course or clubhouse with understated elegance." 

Bottomline -- I couldn't resist this nifty, classic tote at Kingwood's pro shop, while traveling to the Houston area for a TJGT golf tourny.  My son battled it out for the prestigious title, Player of the Year & while he didn't win, he still ranks No. 2 Golfer for TJGT.  A terrific accomplishment in itself! 

So, many times I can take up to 300+ photos per day. I pack my Canon 60D, 2-3 lenses, purse, drinks, snacks & essentials {like lipstick & credit cards}.  All the bags required can make me feel like I need a Mule just to load the gear on!  And for what?!  A golf expedition!?  Oh well, I love animals anyway ... 

You know what it's like ...  You whip a heavy purse across your shoulder, the camera case follows, add additional bags of groceries while trying to ensure that you remembered to put everything you need into either your purse OR camera bag OR grocery bag{s} - like sunglasses, sun screen, binoculars, wallet, keys, snacks, the kitchen sink - it just gets too heavy & out of control!  Seriously????  This is just TOO MUCH FOR ME TO THINK ABOUT! 

DETERMINED to narrow items down that were ESSENTIALS-ONLY-STATUS into a meager camera bag, I carefully selected & neatly packed my stuff into it's tiny front pocket. I had to cram down the camera which STILL plunged above the edges like a muffin top! The bag wouldn't zip but I was able to get it to clip!  Oh yes! No purse to lug along this time!  Just a camera bag & grocery bag of protein shakes, Gatorade, Power Bars, and Cokes {for me, of course} ... But where to put my jackets? And if you're like me, I always feel the need to carry a purse!  A coordinating one at that!

I walked into the Pro Shop - niiice - whoever is in charge of merchandising there - kudos!  And if it's a guy, double-kudos!  Coz the jewelry, sport clothing & gear were wicked!  My eyes were all over the place!  Until ...............

:::::::::::::::::: romantic music begins ::::::::::::::::::::

I saw ................................................. "THE BAG".

An ahhhh-haaa Moment!

My eye's widened.  My heart raced.  The onset pang of a guilty purchase pursuing.  I resisted, remorsefully, & walked out.  It called for me, so I returned & rang 'er up!

White, quilted with double-stitching, faux leather straps accented with pewter buttons! Classy - like a quilted Callaway golf bag I fell in love with a few years ago.  I always kicked myself for not buying it - I'm CERTAIN I would be playing golf now, if I had, along with a shining set of Calloway clubs! ;)

This bag is beyond just for golfers ...  I prefer that it doesn't look like a camera bag.  That it's simple, streamlined & classic.  It's not too big; yet bigger than a typical camera case & a nice size.  My camera case actually can fit inside, along with some extra clothing & drinks.  I can easily nix the camera case & simply load my gear inside to lighten things up.  And it fits *perfectly* into the back of a golf cart {if that's important to you}! 

Although the photo is of the exterior, there are lots of extras built-in:
  • {2} Netted Side Pockets - one on each side for drinks
  • {1) Triple Pen/Pencil or Tee Holder
  • {1} Key Clasp ... awesome quality I might add
  • {2} Shallow Pockets Perfect for Cell Phones and Devices {no more digging around!}
  • {1} Larger Pocket behind the 2 above that Clasps Shut
  • {1} Front Exterior Pocket Sturdy & Sylish
  • {1} Bottom Reinforcement

I have been looking for something sporty that goes with everything I wear ... and well, this rings "Coco Channel Golf Mom" or "Photographer-Fashionista"!



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