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Hey Creatifs!

Still working on Digi In Deeper @ Jessica Sprague.  Look at these two new layouts designed for this digital scrapbooking class.  The lessons are packed with advanced techniques & trendy layout styles. 

I've been a bit scarce on the Papier Creatif Weekly Color Challenges & will be posting a few soon.  I'm looking for a Works*It Creatif Team.  If you have interest in helping promote my website, kits & albums, let me know.  The more the merrier! {Usually........... right!? LOL!}

*LITTLE DUDE* The wonderfully magical thing about scrapbooking is the emotional connection to imagery {photography} combined with art {scrapbooking & journaling}.  The layout of my son & daughter with their baby cousin is a true example.  This was the 1st time Mason had ever held a baby while Jessica works at a daycare as lead teacher & is watching over them!  Once again, I got a little lucky on the shot, primarily because I take many frames of photos AND the sun was begining to set.  Beautiful day; Beautiful photo.

*I SEE YOU ALL* Freestyle has become so hot in recent years and is just getting hotter!  That hand drawn look with heavy graphical elements in a wayyyy messy format is *the thing*.  Primarily because of the evolution of Pen & Tablets which has sparked a wave of hand drawn elements & alphabets.  You can create your own or do a search on freebies.  It truly depends on how much time you have to devote to your layouts and scrapbooking in general.  There are so many amazing products available now that developing your own isn't a have to but can certainly be fun & fulfilling on those rainy days.

I use an Intuos 4 - Medium Pen & Tablet.  It's big enough but not too large.  With a larger pad, you may have keyboard placement issues.  The smaller ones, I really wouldn't recommend.  There's much more room for drawing & it's easier to draw to scale.  The pros use huge ones that look like architectural drawing boards! For my digital scrapbooking use, the medium one works very well.

The Free Style layout of my kids with their cousins during Christmas was fun & perfect for the theme of this Jessica Sprague template.  While taking family photos, they started hamming it up and Wow! I AM SO GLAD THAT I MADE EVERYONE STICK WITH A COLOR SCHEME FOR CLOTHING! {hehehe} AND ... look at that background of the outdoor fireplace.  Always look for texture in your photography.  For a novice like me, it adds lotsa richness, texture & interest.  THINK *PRETTY*!  THINK *BIG* .... BIG, PRETTY backdrops for family photos add a level of sophistication to your photography.  And... BE BOSSY!  That's right!  If you want your family photo captured in a particular place, STICK TO YOUR GUNS!  They will thank you for it later.  Trust me on that, my family is stubborn!



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