Creatif Challenge: No. 2 "My Kids"

I originally thought this color challenge would stump me!  The tones are muted and similar, so the thought was ...

 *What's gonna pop it?*

I felt that a charcoal or neutral tone like brown would.  This kit is Vinnie Pearce's, JBack Collection, has most of the colors & some neutrals. So truly, I lucked out on this one!  Yes?
I didn't need to spend a lot of time on detail here.  Just added a few of the great embellishments included in the kit, some brushwork of Hipster Plumes by Anna Aspnes & masking/banding of paper!  Tomorrow morning is Christmas, afterall!

Me & The Kids do look a bit *Hipster* with all those graphic t-shirts from the summer!  Lots of fun fashion out there & even though we don't match, we kinda do!

Speaking of matching ... I bought the girls & I matching tops & fleece jackets for Christmas.  shhhh! ... turtlenecks even ... yeah, that's right, turtlenecks ...  Call me earthy or granola girl or whatev, but I find a lot of comfort in wearing them!  I think I'm a bit of a cross between Kelly Rippa & Diane Keaton.  Cool chicks, I must say ...

How do people get by without wearing turtlenecks in the winter???

My bro-in-law almost got in a fist fight at a restaurant because some guy was being a smart alec and my bro-n-law stepped up a bit and the guy quipped, "Oh. I'm real scared ... Mr. Turtleneck." LOL!!!!!

Okay, it's 2:30 a.m. -- time for bed and maybe I can meet Santa at the chimney!





  1. Juls I hope your Christmas was Wonderful! You did so well with the color challenge:) I LOVE IT! You look so wonderful with your children.

    I love the header on your store page FABULOUS!!!

    Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year my sweet friend.


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