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Papier Creatif Album*Works

Have I mentioned how much I LUV this album?  Here are a few of my favorite pages - naturally, that's my boy!  His dream is to become a Pro Tour Golfer and/or incorporate golf into his future career.

The purpose of developing SPORT Club Golf* Album was to create a photo-based, cohesive album that's fast & easy for scrapbookers to complete.

Why?  After finishing SPORT Club Golf* MEGA Scrapbook*Works Kit with separate papers (24) & embellishments (40+), I believed that I needed to take this kit a step further & expand the line.  I found out that LOTS of golf parents have LOTS of golf or sports photos still stuffed in the processor's envelopes, stacked in shoe boxes, housed on a digital camera cards or uploaded & stranded somewhere on the Good Ol' WWW! 

So, I did what needed to be done!  I developed a bold album that would make my son's or any golfer's photos stand out!  Blues & Greens are perfect for golfers - compatible with the outdoorsy colors of blue sky & grass green.  The color scheme of vivid cobalts & soft kelly is classic! As you can see from the layouts above, perfect backdrops for a natural setting.  Ahhhh ... nice.

The other comment was how often many sports shots wind up looking the same! OHhhh YES! I am ALL TOO FAMILIAR WITH THIS!  Yet, as you can tell from this series each scrapbook page is unique, as are the photos!  A bit of forethought helps.  


1)  Photograph Golf Course LandmarksClub House, Signage, Landscaping, Landscape Views, Wildlife, Skylines, and wow, Water is always beautiful! Also, amp up the colors with photo filters in edit mode and/or increase saturation.

2) I generally photograph the Marquis indicating the hole he's playing.  Very simple ... it's a great timeline tool

I am amazed at the level of detail players remember for EVERY HOLE!  As my son explains a particular Hole he's played, I can see him visually going through the shots, remembering the distances, fairways, bunkers & greens or which irons or wood he used AND where the grass, stones, rocks, trees were that he played around!

Here's the thing -- as we age, our memories of DETAILS fade!  Remember with an album. 

3)  Be ready! Position for the shot.  You'd be surprised at shots I've missed while waiting for him.  Make sure your camera is ON!  LOL!  Have you forgotten to do this before?  I do more than I'd like from turning the camera on & off to save the battery!  Oh yeah!  Have a back-up battery!  Most tourneys are once in a lifetime events!

4) Look for a Great Angle.  Zoom way in on the players face to capture the intensity of a drive.  Or put that camera in SPORTS MODE and take a series of the drive!  Also, if photographs are taken far away ALL THE TIME, photographs WILL look the same.  I highly recommend getting the best zoom lens possible for your camera & with an image stabilizer. 

The difference between amateur photographers & pro photographers is that pros use HUGE ZOOMS with ultra fast shutter speeds which can capture the details of facial expression, muscles, clothing, speed, movement, as well as fragments of dirt, sweat & tears flying off of athletes!

5)  Location of the shot.  Often times, in between players, I'm searching for a good spot.  Unless I'm worn out, then I admit, I'll take photos from the fun little golf cart!  If it's an important event, I am careful about when & where photos are taken.  When possible & depending on what my Creatif*Factor is for the day, I'll quickly test a few different angles of a play, zoom in or out to determine which view would make the best potential shot.  And ANGLE is key!  You DO NOT HAVE TO CENTER YOUR PLAYER!  Take a look at some of the photos in the SPORT ALBUM HERE.  The best photographs are many times off center.  And if you really want to spruce up your photography, there's always the RULE OF THIRDS.

6)  Highlight the beauty & unique characteristics of the golf course & location.  Take random photos of nature, course and players... Avante guard shots of players kicking back while they are backed up on a hole, or those ultra-intense discussions that go on between teammates! 

Phenomenal Panning Options with shots like WATER & SKY....  Low shots from near the ground ....  Shots of Players Up on a Hill ....  Shots of just the players head & club angling out from a bunker!  Sand Flying!

7) REVIEW your photos within a day or two of the tourney.  Many of the plays and shots will still be fresh on your mind.  And if you are a DIEHARD SCRAPBOOKER, jot down notes on your copy of the SCORECARD or a small notepad to remember the details.  Ask the player, BEST SHOT OF THE DAY!?  MOST CHALLENGING!?  FUNNIEST!?

8) Amp up the colors, use textures!

Try this album out ... it has 20 pages with an 18-Hole Motif.  You can either stay true to form & use the pages for each ACTUAL hole OR Mix It Up, whatever looks the BEST!  I promise you that this will become an heirloom for your child or golfer to remember for years to come. 

The album is also offered in SPORT Royal, without the marquis for other sports like tennis, rugby, soccer & MORE!



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