Autumn Wishes~

Hope that you are all having a great Thanksgiving weekend and enjoying AUTUMN!!!  The weather has bounced between the high 30s and 60s in our area of Texas.  Yet, the sun comes out from behind the clouds occasionally to keep things just warm enough!

I love capturing sunbursts through trees!  In this photo of the tree with the lake in the background, the cyan blues & greens were amped up & curves were used to heighten the light tones to give this photo a dreamy effect. 
Here are a few photos from Thanksgiving evening which were antiqued for a warm, vintage glow.

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner Thursday evening with my sister's and brother's families and had an awesome time cooking and visiting.  Here's MORE PHOTOS of the weekend taken with my NEW Canon 60D!  Oh yes, big difference in quality from the Canon Rebel XTi!  Still need to take my photography classes I've signed up for which will help to get the most out of it.  Fortunately, editing in Photoshop Camera Raw and making some layer adjustments helps amplify the beauty.

Jessica & Jacq played cello & piano for us -- a tradition we have after dinner {and during to serenade us while we peel sweet potatoes!}

My bro & with my sister-in-law and niece! 

My nephew, who traveled in from college to spend a few days with us!  He is so handsome!

Jacq and I grabbed Georgie, soccer ball, camera & headed out to the lake.  We had some great mother / daughter quality time together kicking the soccer ball around.  Yeah Babyyy, I still got it -- until the ball bounced a bit too quickly into the water, floating away.

Where, it floated about carelessly for a 1/2 hour or so, while Jacq worked out & I took photos.

Then, Jacq waved down a boat to fetch it for us, since Georgie wouldn't.  He's not an advanced fetcher.

Here are photos of his 1st fetching class at the lake with Jacq & I....

You gotta luv Georgie!  He's just too stinkin' cute!!!

And Jacq after her circuit training work-out!  She still looks absolutely stunning!



  1. Hey Kiddo! Fabulous photos as always! You have a picture perfect family to say the least. That sweet little dog is adorable. I hope all of you are doing well and that life is good for you. Wishing you wonderful things in 2011~ Best, Curt


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