InSights: Digital Freeze~

Bonjour Mon Amis!!!

How are all of you talented, sweethearts doing?  This Summer has been a whirlwind for sure!  I haven't forgotten my Blog or you guys!  And I have been thinking of so many of you all for weeks now & quickly scrolling through posts to catch up on what's up!  You all have been cranking out so many awesome projects & posts.  You are amaaaaazinnng!

I've been right here, in this spot, sitting in this very chair taking Jessica Sprague's month long Art of Digital Design class.  The amount of information was overwhelming at times, yet very exciting & very cool.  Sometimes my knack for *detail* gets in the way of *finishing*!  Primarily due to the learning curve, gathering resources & designing a product line for Papier Creatif called Studio Scrapbook*Works!  Yes, the 1st kit is underway & close to being finished thanks to a deadline of August 30th.  YIKES, like really!

Jessica has impacted my life enormously & iced exactly how much I do love working & creating on the computer!  Okay, so it's a love-hate relationship, but as you all know, when it's workin', it's good, really good. The creative spark she has produced in myself & many of my classmates is amazing.  I just love her.  I pull up her class videos with my morning cup of coffee or afternoon Coke and feel like my friend is just waiting to help me out!  I can't rave enough about her or her team.  They are all gems and the community spirit everyone who signs on to her website feels there is wonderful.

I am soooo anxious to post my {*freebie*} like NOW, but need to finish setting-up shop on my new website.  I'll be providing the link soon.  There's another learning curve for me, *web developer* {NOT!}!!!  I have lots of ideas and have been keeping them in check till I churn out my 1st Studio Scrapbook*Works Kit!  I can't wait to show you all and find out what you think!!

SPORT Club Golf*

Yes, a familar sports theme near & dear to my *heArt* that typically takes a two-day adrenaline recovery period!  The ups & downs of every play keeps me on the edge of my cart seat!  Mason has been playing well this Summer, tied for 2nd at Augusta Pines, with an upsetting playoff situation.  It was heartbreaking but, ya know, it's like I told him, "You placed in the Top 5 and we were setting a goal of Top 10."  He was also vying for 1st Place at one point and had a solo for 2nd place spot until the 18th Hole's unlucky shot dived into the lake.  He still tied for 2nd, if that tells ya anything.  And playoffs are high pressure.  But I can guarantee that he has learned from this tournament, humbled himself & after reflecting on it gained more strength.  It's such a character-building sport and I know it is teaching him a lot about LIFE!

I am pretty sure that you all are getting bored of the golf theme & stories!  So, hopefully, I'll be posting some fresher topics with the second kit.  And I really hope it is *HAUTE*!!!

Check back soon and hopefully I'll have more news, website & available product!





  1. Juls, I've been on holiday and it's been so difficult to visit blogland, except to post. I cannot wait to see what you're up to, darling one. Sending love, M

  2. Oh Juls I do hope your site is coming along! I can't wait to see the finished site!


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