PhotoMix: Spring Trees~

So happy that Spring has arrived!  Here are a couple photographs I snapped of our favorite trees to share with you: the Spring rendition of our stately Post Oak & pristine Crab Apple.  Each year, the Crab Apple tree cheerfully blooms with lavish light pink & deep pink floribunda.  Such a pretty contrast with the light blue sky!  Under the rocking chair, a prism of light somehow reflected from the sun flare!  At first it looked like a shovel propped underneath & I got a little testy that someone hadn't put it away!  Then, I thought, "Well, why didn't I put that away before I took the pictures!???"  But that is actually a miniature rainbow!  I have not seen anything like that before??? Through the tree and down through the seat of the rocking chair  The clarity & saturation of these are not as bright & clear as originally envisioned, however, textures add so much depth & dimension giving them a retro-cool look.

I've noted the artists names whose beautiful textures were used as layers for the photos. 
Hope you fellow bloggers are having a fantastic week!

Keep Creating!

Credit List~

  • Flickr, SkeletalMess

  • DeviantArt, pareerica

  • DeviantArt, playingwithbrushes

  • DeviantArt, ro_stock textures



  1. fantastic photos. I love you under the chair rainbow. Not many people get to sit on one

  2. Jules this post just makes me want to sing! Although you would really not want to hear that! They really signify the beauty of spring:)

    Sending friendship thoughts your way for a beautiful month:)

  3. Juls, did you "do anything" to the pics? Just wondering. Beautiful trees surrounding you must be wonderful this time of the year.
    xx's X10


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