InSights: Newly Designed Blog Background & Header~

Wow, ya'll ... it's 4:58 a.m.!!!  Creativity has spoken & the ballot is out!

Hope you like the newly designed blogger background, header & slight name change!  A cute font worked it's magic & the subtitle is fitting, don't you think?  Typically, posting is very relaxing to me.  I love computers!

So, here it 'tis .... and guess what?  I designed it!  Now be honest, do you think I have a knack for this?  Coz I'm thinkin' *ilikit*, *ilikitalot*!  Who cares if I had to resize over a half-dozen times!  I haven't quite figured out why the header keeps extending over, so that will need to be tweaked. 

And you know gold, slate grey & creams are bigtime these days!

{papier creatif}
& digital d'Stress

Cute!  So Stinkin' Cute!!!

Bring it on, Monday!  Oh! Wait a sec!  It *is* Monday!  Bed time!!!





  1. I love how you've changed your blog background Juls! It's absolutely GORGEOUS! I would love to do something to spice up my blog too. How did you learn how to do it? Any suggestions on tutorials I can take so I can learn how to do that too?
    Again ... LOVE LOVE LOVE what you did - its so creative!

  2. I like it a lot too!!!! I really gotta get my patootie in gear and do something with mine. This is so clean and refreshing, but still whimsical and elegant.

    Hehe I just spent all morning creating a tutorial video that even after cutting it down was still 37 minutes. Can we say, "WAY TOO BIG!!!!" Maybe next time.

    No video, but I got some great wooden blocks made from rubber stamp pads out of it. lol...Bright side. Bright side. And boy does that yellow on grey with the frills and butterflies make one think of the right side.

    Keep hitting them out of the park!


  3. rocks baby!!
    Fresh and delightful. Love d'stress.
    OMG, I need to know how to do all this and I understand why you do your best work between midnight & 6AM. xx's Marsha

  4. Oh Juls...This is lovely, what an awesome job you did! And about the size of the header & it sticking over, I've made a fewof these & it's always hard to get it exactly right!
    Thanks for stopping by & your sweet comment. Yes, your daughter should absolutely go to Italy!!! A couple of years back my father took my daughter & me to see Rome & you said, a trip of a lifetime! Just talk to her about the gypsies before she goes, I'll tell you if you don't know.
    Wow, what a lucky girl! Can she take me along in her suitcase?
    Big Hugs,


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