InSights & Digi: This Is Me~

Jessica Sprague loves throwing these uhm *small tasks* into her lesson plans to stretch our knowledge of PhotoshopI like how this selfie turned out.  Simply due to my poor photography skills.  My Canon Rebel XTi wants to be taken out of auto mode - well, some day...

See me signing #1 in the mirror while effortlessly holding my camera?  Not because I am #1 at photography for sure.  No.  I'm pointing and saying, "WAIT! JESSICA WAIT!  I MISSED THE DEADLINE OF YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS! PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME BEHIND!!!!  COULDN'T YA JUST HAVE HELD A SPOT FOR ME, I HAD AN IMPORTANT PHONE CALL!!!?"  Within 20 minutes, the *Oh Shoot!* class I waited on since Fall filled up.  There was a lotta cheering & ... a lotta tears & angst that nite.  And our Jessica, well, she is taking up yoga & looking for workout music ...  I totally understand why!  Throngs of Internet-Knowledge-Seeking-Young-Moms-Photographers-Middle-Aged-Chicks-Like-Me-Grammys-Scrappin'-Their-Grandbabies-Executive-Women-Lookin-For-A-Cool-Hobby-You-Name-It-WE-ARE-THERE.  We thirst for knowledge!  We have this little addiction ... but it's not so awful ... We're addicted to Jessica.

How very interesting that the Internet has introduced a revolution of real women, who have found their niche on the good old "{W}-{W}-{W}"! Jessica Sprague is an example - she's kinda like the Oprah of Online Photoshop Class Divas.

When we first moved into our home here ... I wanted to be like Martha.  I wanted a pristine garden bearing fruit & lush English Roses.  Not just any English Rose, mind you, David Austin engineered roses.  I wanted hydrangea growing along the sides of my home & overflowing with purple & rusty floral mounds.  I longed for pink peonies I grew up with in Tulsa.  I wanted a perfect veggie garden alongside our *barn* with a rustic, worn fence built around to keep out bunny rabbits.  I wanted to collect tea cups & tea pots ... yes, I started the a collection once upon a time.

I also love interior decorating.  Especially French, my budget keeps my high taste for beautiful items, in check.  Except my office - that's French.  And I will do a French guest bedroom, I absolutely will, some day... [check. I did]

Now, I want knowledge.  I want depth in my life.  I want to experience more joy in my life.  I want to share more love in my life.  The knowledge that women like this share with us motivates and inspires us all to try.  And for that, our lives are touched with lots of "It's a Good Thing's".  These things may not fix all the issues in many of our less than perfect, boring or way-to-busy to breathe lives, but we are enriched with the journey of learning, of trying, of perfecting, of honing ourselves.

Everything Matters.

Everything is Connected.