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After submitting a layout to Penscrappers of Jess, Jacq started hinting, "Hey ... I really like that layout you did of Jess ..."  My queue to get with it & do one of her!  The photographs are from Valentine's Day after she had gotten ready to go on a date with her boyfriend.  She looked absolutely fabulous & so I rushed to get my camera for a quick photo session right before she walked out the door.

I actually did another layout with the same photo last nite but it seemed way too traditional, so after a glass of wine or two {no kids, not goblets...}, I opted to do an edgier layout to compliment the romantic holiday!  I think she'll love this, when she sees it.  Lots of layers & brushes have been used to dress it up & provide movement & interest.  But truly, the photograph on its' own is quite stunning, so I've added a few extra that I retouched with Photoshop.

She is remarkably beautiful to us - whether in her soccer gear or all dressed-up!  I love every facet of my daughter!  I had flashbacks of her as a baby over the weekend that I'll share with you...

Jacqueline & Marty have always had a deep connection as daughter & father.  They are very similar in temperment, they have a keen interest in physical fitness, diet & exercise, they are selfless, extremely intelligent & gentle.  Jacq was our 1st child and, like many of you the entire process of becoming pregnant for the 1st time, going through pregnancy for the 1st time, delivering a child into the world; our world, for the 1st time, & watching her grow up from infancy into a beautiful woman is truly, a spellbinding, heartful journey of metamorphosis.  All the 1st's that a 1st child brings.  The magic, delight, the incredible adoration & love for your child that is like nothing you have ever known.  I knew I was a woman with a full heart, compassionate, giving & dedicated to whatever crosses into my life; but I was not aware of the emotional overflow my heart was capable of until the births of my 3 children.  With Jacqueline, I felt that for the 1st time.  I knew I would love her forever.  I knew there would always be an unspoken tie, beyond the virtues of responsibility & merely being a mother.  A tie of love to last through all time & eternity.  I would be there for her always.  And in spirit, forever.

Yet, as close as my little *Jacq* & I were, she was as close to her father & in some ways closer still.  Each day, after a long day at the office, he would spend time with Jacq, tickling, kissing & talking to her, reading to her, playing with her.  And I was gleeful to capture photos of her mimicking his every expression one day, where he'd purse his lips together & she'd copy him, then he'd make an "o" shape with his mouth & she'd copy him, then he stuck out his tongue & she copied him.  Her intense eyes studying him, happy to be in daddy's strong arms & enjoying his playful heart.  

I'll never forget feeling a bit rejected as *Mommy*, when she reached out for her Daddy in our neighbor's swimming pool!  I was like, "Hey!  I'm *the mommy*!  You should want me to hold you!!!"  But you know, I understand what it's like to be held in the arms of a strong man who is kind-hearted, simple in his ways & steadfast.  Of course!  I sensed this about him, when we dated!  The way he played with his nephew, Nick.  How Nick loved him!  And how Marty would hold him & toss him about at the lake with Nick smiling gleefully at this Uncle.  A snapshot.  I remember telling his Mother that was a moment that I fell in love with Marty, actually, more deeply in love with Marty.  My mind fast forwarded to parenthood & I knew he'd be a wonderful Father & he is.

Things haven't changed too-too much since the days of her toddling about.  She follows her Dad on jogs & bike rides, she's followed his academia footsteps throughout grade school, high school & college, as a leader.  She's a leader on the soccer field; as he was in football, basketball & baseball.  She's as calm as he is.  Yet, she's much like her mother, me.  She's detailed, focused & passionate.  She's filled with a compassionate heart.  She's loyal to her friends.  She's artistic, creative & musical.  She's not quite as emotional as I am because she controls it like her father.  And the musical ability is from us both.  The stars must have been in perfect alignment the moment she was conceived because, I swear, the girl has the best of us both!

This past weekend on Saturday morning, Jacq was sitting on the sofa.  And Marty, who realizes his little ones are growing up & have grown up, pulled a Daddy on her.  He scooched beside her on the sofa & put his arm around her while she leaned her head on his shoulder.  A snapshot.  Their feet up on the ottoman and both smiling smuggly, just like the photo of them sticking their tongues out at eachother.  Adoration, affection & attachment: the love between a Father & Daughter.  Timeless.  And as a mother, for my children, I always wanted them to have that kind of love in our family.  A simple treasure.  A truth.  A life tether.  A hand to hold.  A heart to dwell in.  

She's still our little girl, all grown up ... 

Now!  On a different note, getting back to the whole goblet thing!

The goblet story ...  When I partake of spirits, I get quite happy!  I've observed others who are, well, mean drunks!  Norma & I typically wind up laughing.  It doesn't matter whether it's one or two glasses, I get the giggles, start cracking jokes, get louder, a tiny bit obnoxious & just let go!  So, one night, one of my kids asked, "Hey Mom?!  How many glasses of wine have you had!!???"  And I answered truthfully, "Just one GOBLET!" LOL!  {A huge wine glass that looks like a gold fish bowl of which had been filled to the brim!}

That's my new motto: Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Materials List~
  • Designer Digitals, Anna Aspnes, Passionaire PageSet
  • Two Peas in a Bucket, Michelle Underwood, Too Trendy Kit
  • Two Peas in a Bucket, Rhonna Farrer, Fashion Patisserie Brushes
  • Fonts: Retro Rock Star & Fluoxetine
Hope you all are having a wonderful week!  Feel free to leave me a cute story to share of any antics you've been up to lately ... or send me an email for confidentiality! ;)





  1. Eat drink and be merry? Amen to that! Bring on the goblets!!
    Your daughter is beautiful Juls and you have done her proud

  2. Yes, your daughter is beautiful & so is Mason!! Hugs to you babe!
    Love you. Marsha

  3. Ou created a beautiful page! And the photograph (and your daughter) are gorgeous!

  4. Oh she is beautiful and looks so much like her Mom dont you think? I love her outfit too. Eat drink and be merry, oh you are so my kind of girl - wished I livd closer you could teach me some creative pursuits. You are so clever, no wonder your daughter wanted you do to do this, what a compliment that is. Our kids are always our biggest critics dont you think? Oh and I think its wonderful she is a Daddy's girl as well.

  5. The layers are beautiful. Your daughter is stunning, as always. Love the way you electrified eyes that are clearly already exquisite.

    Your story was as equally enchanting, in every detail. Thank you for sharing with all of us, the love you have for your truly special family. May more families be so blessed. :)



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