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Part II & III Continuation ...

The weather is finally clearing & warming up here in Texas!  Hope everyone is starting to see blue skies.  I've kinda been *totally BLOCKED* inside this winter and need to put those new tennis shoes on & start walking!  Last week was *reBoot* time -- hair cut, color & chemical peel. 

Ahhh ....

Better, Much Better.

A few weeks ago, Bella Butterflies in Grapevine, Texas had an Altered Art craft class.  Owner, Ashlea Robertson put together the cutest project & well, I HAD TO TAKE THAT CLASS!  And ... hey ... it's a *get out of the house moment*.  My determination to have fun was rewarded by making a darling 6x9ish painted canvas with une fleur {a flower}.  I'll post more next week. 

Your Juls was the only one to make a tulip accent instead of a daisy. 

Okay, I gotta tell ya, when I sketched the tulip out, the stamens were looking very similar to male anatomy.  I was horrified!  Hurriedly erasing but they wouldn't completely erase!  I wound up cutting them off!  Good idea, huh girls???! ;)  Everyone at the table was making fast progress painting their canvas while I was still trimming away.  SNIP! SNIP!  They started out worried about me, very worried.  Our sweet, Miss Ashlea looked a bit concerned & avoided our table somewhat ...  What kind of group did she get herself into this time!  By the end of the evening, they were very surprised at the end result of the glazed *fleur-minus-stamens*!  I will have to post some photos of it very soon for you.  But I'm holding out until I complete #2 of the series which will be as FAB!  Cute as a button!

We used canvas, scrapbook paper, acrylics, glaze & crackle....  Yay! A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!!


Over the past weekend, my Jessi was offered as a surprise gift!  She quickly snatched it up & loved it!  She also wants to do the next class with me.  That will be nice mother & daughter time to share together.

Until the next post - Au Revoir!





  1. I'm sure you will understand why I winced while reading your blog entry! LOL Awkward! ROFL I can't wait to see the end result! Best, Curt


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