Digi: My Georgie & My GiGi~

I toyed around with a Polarized UV Filter today with my camera and took a few long awaited photos of Georgie & GiGi.   The sun was not completely out, partly-cloudy, so the overall effect is still being sorted out.  There were a few photos that definitely picked up more traces of blues.

This background for my dogs turned out pretty cool.  I literally got down on my belly to get a close-up of the wild flowers {weeds} growing in my backyard.  Each year brings out a sheet of multi-color covering a large portion of our lawn.  And when Spring is finally in full force, often my yard is covered with the small white wild flowers - a bit magical & charming.  Yes, I feel like Snow White ...

For those of you not familiar with this particular breed of dog, they are Papillon meaning *Butterfly* in French.  They are noted for their friendliness and are an elegant breed of dog of the Spaniel family, distinguished by their large butterfly-like ears.  They were bred for companionship and make excellent watch dogs.  {Well, not like my Lab/Chow mix, Sammy... but yes, they bark when strangers & friends arrive.}  If you are interested in the breed, this breeder seems very good, Braylor's Papillons.  The search for Georgie took me 2 1/2 days to find a male with gorgeous markings.  Braylor's did not have a litter available at the time, however, they have beautiful show quality Paps.  Papillons are also extremely trainable when it comes to agility.  Last summer, I had Georgie jumping over obstacles and he quickly caught on to commands.  I know he'd be awesome, if I worked with him more.  They are amazingly quick!  They enjoy hunting down squirrels & tormenting them.  And the squirrels in our yard, purposefully, chatter at them & tease them in the mornings.

The photo of GiGi was of her running back home, after sneaking out of my office.  I had it gated and she slipped through!  Finally, she listened and came running back to me, knowing full-well she was in trouble but enjoying it ... Look closely at her photo, she looks like she's trying to check out my temper-meter!  Just beautiful!  When she is playful, she lifts her chin, erects her ears very high and pulls her tail up over her back into a plume.  Really gorgeous.  Show dog pose.  Although, she is quite timid and ultra-sweet, she is the most loving dog I've owned.  The reason why I found another one!  My Georgie.

Georgie's stoic, yet playful nature is charming. He is a very sweet boy.  He's is always looking for a toy.  Constantly cow-towing to Chief & Poco which I get concerned about.  Chief really needs to be on medication, seriously.  Georgie is so well-meaning, gentle & sweet.  He behaves better than most people I know!  Kindness is a plus in my book!

I have a series of photos of GiGi running towards me that I thought about doing a layout for.  When I started working on this one, the background really took a front seat.  It looks a bit poster-style with graphic effects.  And the texture, high-up in the background looks rather exotique in a way.  Kind of wild!  Like my dogs can be!  The shot was a horizontal and I blew it up big and did a 12x6 layout.  I could add more to this later, but I'm really digging the simple, earthy, vibrant, Springy, happy style!  And my dogs stand out proudly.

Chief & Poco are looking more like sheep dogs than maltese these days.  So, photos for them will have to wait.  Every time I shave, clip & shampoo them, I swear I will brush them out daily -- all to no avail and they wind up looking like sheep again!  Sheep with dreadlocks! LOL!

Oh my goodness, another late nite ... but a few more fabulous layouts for you to see!

Hope you enjoy them, as much as I do!





  1. I really like the pictures! When I first saw them, I thought, "This is art!" Love the wild flowers (refuse to call them weeds, lol) and perfect combination with your dogs. I didn't know about their breed. Thanks for sharing the information!

  2. OK, besides the beautiful works of art you create using your kid's photos, these have to be my favs!!! What great shots of these sweeties and the background is totally awesome! I think of you often because my neighbors next door have two of them (Mandy and Max) and they are both black and white. Such cute, sweet, friendly little dogs. And boy do they bark when you go to their door! LOL Thanks for sharing your beautiful work! Best, Curt

  3. @Aleta Hi girl! Thk-u! I refuse to put weed killer on them because I love the look of my yard in Spring, especially when it's the prevalant white tiny flowers carpeting it. I'll have to photograph it for you all.

    @Curt Great to see you visiting here, Curt! I will be visiting yours pronto & leave you a message.

  4. You're right, those came out awesome! We have to get out on a nature hike together soon...

  5. Loving your little pooches...they are soooo cute...my OH is into photography and filters and such like...tis all a mystery to me though LOL .. thanks for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog...much appreciated hun x


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