Digi: Fall Follies Layout

Jessica Sprague's Digi-In-Deep self-paced class is packed full of techniques, cool layouts & ideas.  Here's the first layout from this series.  Really fantastic stuff.  And the photographs are all edited with Jessica's tips.

Just adore the lined paper distressed to the MAX & polished off with lots of brush work.  I'm really learning to use the Eraser Tool, Expanding Objects, Creating Masks to adjust for photo editing, levels, curves, Spot Healing.  Blemish?  No prob!  Got it covered. 

David looks like GQ and Jacq looks like Cover Girl.   He helps stoke up the chimnea & lites up Jacq's face as well.  We went to dinner with them this evening & had a nice time.  I found out that they went to see *Alice*.  I would like to see that movie with Johnny Depp!  He has major talent.  They said to watch with 3-D glasses, they did 2-D & thought it would be even better.  Kinda dark at times but that's the Director's style.  I prefer thought provoking drama w/ humor or ultra light & airy anyway!

Also, I just started reading the book Outlander that a friend of mine told me about.  It's really good & I've heard through my reading group that it is quite addictive!  There are a series of 5 books, if I'm not mistaken.  I've already purchased 3!  I ran over to SecondHand Book store to find it.  I was picking up another unrelated item & considering gardening journals for friends.  I asked the customer service desk if they had a computer to I could check my email for the name of the book & the author's name.  Totally drew a blank.  You're not surprised, are ya?  So, one of the sales clerks asked, "What's it about?" "Well .... it's about a mother & daughter who time travel and they come across the huge rocks in England or Ireland or something..."  "Outlander?" "OMGEE!  Yes, I think that's it?"  Can you believe my luck?  I've gotten so numbed to poor customer service, I had resigned myself to driving back home & returning another day.  20 minute car trip ... but ... I didn't have much faith, on top of the fact that my overview of the book was so minimalist!

Oh!  I love good customer service!