Digi: Creativity Mini-Album~

Bonjour Toulemonde!!!  Decided to greet you all in French, since this blog does have a French name after all!  How's your weekend?  What's the latest & greatest?  I'm plugging away here working on lots of projects!  This is a mini-album that is sized in a print format of 8x8!  I like the chunky size for an inspiration album based on Creativity & special words, that one*Word 2010 project I've been mulling around in my head!  I can combine the two ideas together.  We shall see ...

Oh this weekend got the ideas churning!  And so often, my ideas are not static, but sparks that evolve often into something that's more than I hoped for!

These colors were terrific to work with.  Anna Aspnes is indeed talented - a true artist.  And I'm always bragging on Jessica Sprague, naturally.  Layouts are designed by her, the Royal Heiness of Digi-Goodness!  Brushes are Rhonna Ferrer - fabulosity comes to mind, when envisioning these!

This {above} is an album cover, well today it is - I frequently change my mind.  But I thought the line *We're Just Sayin'* was cute because it includes quotes about Creativity and one of them is my own!  Imagine me repeating that in slang ... yes, that's typical of me.

The second page really captivates me - must be the contrasting colors, the fact that I love sparrows & finches, it's earthy, dreamy & cool!  I could also see using these as part of a cover{s} for journals!  So, feel free to print these out for your personal use!  My gift to you all for *Following* me & being my *Blogger Budz*.  I appreciate the comments & emails that you all send.  They truly brighten up my day!

Here's a quote by yours truly, ahem, okay ...

"Creativity always generates
a wonderful emotional
connection to my life
by combining all the
fragments of life's imagery;
dreams, passion, love & knowledge,
whilst magically producing
a combustion of ideas into Art!"

Author: Juls~

I found this quote today online by author, Nikos Kazantazkis.  I've never heard of Nikos before but these words are succinct & speak to my heart simply & powerfully.

"By Believing Passionately in Something
that Still Does Not Exist, We Create It.
The Non-Existent is Whatever
We Have Not Sufficiently Desired."
Author: Nikos Kazantazkis~
Wow!  This is such a true statement.  {CLEAR AS A PHREAKIN' BELL!} I can relate to this personally & creatively.  Everything in life begins with a thought; an instant current of mindspeed, propelled by fact, fiction, reality, impulse, emotion or reaction.  I have quite a number of projects completed in my lifetime & some unfinished.  It's the unfinished ones that get to me.  As long as I'm on a certain path, can plan & make those thoughts into actions that create or matter in life, I'm good.  If not, the idea rolls through my mind until they are either carried out or given up on.  And I don't give up easily.

Kind of cute that *Believe* is the word chosen to tie-in with creativity & the reindeer hints of Christmas & belief in Santa.  Santa's magic wreaks havoc with me but I do believe in the spirit of him.  It's just that he can be a bit heavy with creating expectations of me & when I need the magic, where is he?  Okay ... I'll move on.  Is Winter over yet???

The quote for this page was another great find!  It speaks to me on a purely creative level that I totally relate to!  I love music & playing piano; I enjoy writing on my Blog; & I enjoy dancing, preferrably only around family & friends!  But life is to be enjoyed!  Time is to be spent with people who love & cherish us!  Not those who bring you down, are critical, hateful or flat out CRAZY!  There are too many good people on earth to let a few bad eggs spoil the rest of Us!

I believe in loyalty & kindess.  I always give people the benefit of the doubt & forgive them after a few personal foibles.  None of us are perfect!  But when I feel that a person has character flaws that prevent a friendship from being built on a solid foundation of trust & respect, I'm done.  I cherish those people in my life that set my sails soaring, keep my hopes high, enjoy what I have to share & are generous in spirit!  Those are the people who matter most to me!

"To be creative means to be in
Love with Life.
You can be creative only
if you Love Life enough that
you want to Enhance its' Beauty;
you want to bring
a little more music to it,
a little more poetry to it,
a little more dance to it."

Author: Ohso~

Choose to Be in Love With Life ....





  1. Juls, this is the most beautiful, wonderful post. I love the quotations and should blow them up poster-size for my studio. You've put so much love & brilliance into this. Love you, Marsha

  2. Beautiful stuff Julie! Cheers for sharing :)


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