Blog Event: Gems on Glamour Giveaway!~

Wonderful, exciting news for you sweet blogger budz! 

All of us love jewelry & fashion, right?!   So!  You absolutely must go visit *Marsha's Giveaway* she has generously posted at her blog, GEMS ON GLAMOUR!  She has an impeccable eye for beauty, fashion & couture jewelry.  Her posts are dripping with fabulous design trends & the beautiful, sparkling jewelry she creates tying her creations & fashion runway appeal together.

Be sure to comment on her blog, sign-up as a follower & tune-in to her April 1st Giveaway Announcement!  It could be you!  Or!  Hopefully, me!!!  The jewelry set she designed is stunning!  She has posted photos of it for you to peek at!

I adore the vintage-modern looks she laces together with precious gemstones & glinting metals, as well as her boutique-chic styled pieces that are continentally fantastic.  The high end jewelry she designs could be showcased at retailers like Neiman's.  Unknowingly, I had commented that her work had a commercial appeal while much of her career has been based in such a luxury retail store!

We are all aware at how many truly creative individuals grace our lives & eyes through blogging.  Marsha is creme-de-la-creme!  Her success & experience in high end retail sparkles through her jewelry.  Her talent delighting me every time!

GEMS ON GLAMOUR captures bold glimpses into the fashion industry's latest couture trends while her jewelry accents it all with a resounding *TADA*!!!  She has announced the Giveaway & she is also planning to open an ETSY.  So Marsha!?  Yes! Yes! Yes!  Go for it!  Wishing you continued success!

GEMS ON GLAMOUR could certainly rank as one of a girl's best friends! ;)  And to have an original piece of her work ... divine!

Good Luck!  Go Sign-Up Before Time is Up!





  1. Oh, Juls, oh my gosh!! I'm overwhelmed at what you have to say about me & my work. I don't think I've been so overjoyed. So So So nice. Thank you. Marsha


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