Journal: Paper Journal by Papier Creatif

I came across a cute greeting card at Kelly's Flutter by Atomic Butterfly! I *luv* the crown above the initial *B*, the antiqued notebook paper & warm colors.  I opted to do another journal with black & cream color palette and, similarly, used a lot of layering, the measuring tape & an oval cut from one of the papers in the set over the alpha-card I recovered.  Then, three diamond-shaped sequins were added to top it off!  My favorite feature of this journal is the really cute round tabs layered with a stapled heart, sequin & backed with a different paper.  Too cute!  I have a feeling I'll be making these for everyone!  And now, I want a journal with those cute tabs!

Cardmaker's creativity can be quite amazing &, actually, the details that go into one 4x6 card can be more painstaking than a large 8 1/2 x 11 sized journal!  I'm left smiling & wondering how in the world they've come up with the cutest, trendiest, most fabulous ideas!  And, wow, how many layers can you fit on such a small space!  Let's not get into *inchies*.  It's maddening enough for me -- yes, tying ribbons on this baby was *so not* a task I cherished!   That button on the journal?  It has another purpose.  Measuring is eye-balled typically, you see ... you figure it out ;)

I've been glued to my computer for months, taking digital scrapbooking classes & learning my Intuos 4 Pen & Tablet while my waist is ever-expaaaannnndddiiiiinnnng!  I believe I've learned enough PS CS3 until Jessica's next major class.  BUT, I am overdue for a photography class. That is next on the list.  I'm just gonna need to get into a new routine & start PLANNING what's next for me.  New adventure?  Like a trip to Jamaica? Make over? New Job? New Career? New Sport? All the Above?  Guess you'll just have to keep tuned-in to see.  I'm sure that you all are waiting with baited breath!

As soon as the sunshine commences, I have a feeling that we'll all be on to *MORE*!

Here are a few photos of this pretty Parisian style paper journal.

The journal I've been using is already spent.  Time for a new one.  This *Parisian Journal* has been designed for my Mom's upcoming birthday.  I keep one on my desk to jot down websites, ideas, sketch, journal, thoughts & comments {some of which cannot be repeated here, especially when I was working on the TWU slide show}, class tips, whatever ... inspiration or facts.  It's there for me!

So, this will be shipped to Mom & with encouragement to have fun with it!  Not to keep it as a *pretty* thing to look at but to actually use it for work, home, her artwork and/or ideas!