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I'm still having fun with my new Intuos 4 Pen & Tablet!  I've been distracted learning how to program it and getting acclamated to using it as a replacement for my mouse!  So far, so good!  The last two posts have been completed using it and it's pretty fun.

I enjoyed my *Road Trip* to Houston for Mason's golf tourny.  Great experience for the boys team, although they finished in the lower third of the standings.  I do see individual improvements in most of the boys scores and hope they do well next year as Seniors!  I also spent some time lunching & shopping with Jacq for some Mother-Daughter bonding.  And went to lunch with Hols today!  Fun stuff!  Hopefully, I'll begin working again on the golf album for Mason.  I think that it is really gonna turn out cool!

It rained all the way in to Houston, I drove past my exit and wound up eating a Hershey's Crackle for dinner - lol ...  But treated myself to Guadelajara Restaurant the following evening and made up for it!  The weather was in the 50s with a wind chill that felt like the 30s!  Poor kids - no wonder their averages dropped as quickly as the temperature!  Got some great photographs of the kids but was very happy to get back home.  The Dallas mix master, however, was like the Indianapolis 500 coming back!  Who engineered that monstrosity??

*Life is Remembered By Moments Shared*

I thought this would make a cute album cover.  The layout transitioned into this, as I was supposed to use a label on a layout.  I attempted hand written font - but I still need practice and a class in Calligraphy! {Along with more PS, P&T and Photography classes!}

Materials List~

  • Damask Paper, Jessica Sprague-TableKit-Papers-JS-06.jpg
  • Curvy Tags {2}, Jessica Sprague-JS-Princesa-E-CurvyTags
  • Label, Jessica Sprague, CW-PaperLabel 05
  • Red Flourish, SummerDriggs_Believe_BlankWordart.png
  • Rhonna Farrer Stamps
  • Heart, Anna As, AASPN_Passion_BradSquareMiniHeart

    Keep Creating & Hope to Catch Up With You Soon!





    1. Hey beautiful lady! Sorry I haven't visited in awhile, but I'm always glad when I do. You do fabulous work, and you always inspire me!

      I will send your card off to you tonight! Enjoy it!

      Peace & Luv,

    2. YAY! YAY! YAY! Jeannie!

      Cannot wait to receive that little beauty! I keep the "You Make My Day* one on my desk, I think that it is precious. And I love all the cards you do, FABULOSITY, GF, FABULOSITY!



    3. Love the little heart at the end of that stamp. -- Did ya'll end up getting as much snow as we did? 10 inches at my front patio when I checked this morning. It's soooooo pretty!! -- Heading over to do the email after I do my spin through the different blogs. -- Could you do a pros/cons of your Intuos 4Pen & Tablet once you've gotten it all figured out. I keep wondering if something like that would be worth getting.

      snowballs and hugs,


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