Digi: Collage Obsession Challenge - Marceline Day~

This image is from the COLLAGE OBSESSION  challenge blog.  She is quite lovely and I felt so moved by the emotion in her eyes.  Somehow, I related to her sincerity, empathy, compassion, longing & love-filled eyes.  The challenge called for us to use this photograph and a word relating to longing.  For my particular version, I opted to use an excerpt of poetry written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning - words that I also relate to in a deeply emotional way.  How can longing not be so greatly attached to *Love*?!  And so, I felt some serendipity finding this succinctly, passionate composition.

I haven't peeked at the entries of everyone else because I wanted my work to be original and something from *My Heart*.  Cannot wait to see what everyone has done.  I am so excited to have found this challenge blog which was created by none other than he talented, Itkupilli & Elegia!

One of the finest blessings in life is that we, as human beings, are capable of feeling a connection with Art.  Many times, I am in awe of the millions of talented souls worldwide, whose masterful creations take our breath away; visually, aurally, cerebrally & emotionally -- often times providing a *Compass for our Lives* which can inspire an emotion or a change in direction!  It is so easy to become Lost in this Big World these days.  Our lives are filled with complication.  We need inspiration, information, healing, hope, connection!  We need simplicity.  We need Love.  We all long for & deserve good-loving!

I believe Elizabeth Barrett Browning's writings reveal to us that, for her, Love's Genuine Calling is a Blessing from God & deserving of every soul. 

Love is truly *One of Life's Greatest Blessings* in the Universe!

Here is her excerpt:

Isn't that lovely?  I've become the latest fan of Elizabeth Barrett Browning & Marceline Day! 

I know what's in *My HeArt*!  Do you know what's in Yours? 

Please, if you feel inspired, post your thoughts about this writing & let them *FLY*!!!

Materials List~

  • Marceline Day photo from COLLAGE OBSESSION
  • Katrinzzz @ deviantArt, Cracked-Paint-Textures, garden 11
  • SheisPretty @ deviantArt, Antique1_by_SheisPretty Stock
  • Texture, Skeletalmask @ Flickr
  • Poetry, Elizabeth Barrett Browning

    {Hugs Sistahs ~n~ Bruthahs}




    1. What a beautiful image! Elizabeth Barrett Browning's writing makes this image so sophisticated!

    2. Beautiful collage, really elegant !

    3. Fabulous collage with such a beautiful image. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog!


    4. Beautiful art and those words...simply perfect.. love Elizabeth Barrett Browning...her How do I Love Thee is one of my fave poems x


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