Challenge: Ten Things 2 HeArt~

This CHALLENGE layout combining elements from 3 talented ladies:  Jessica Sprague, Anna Aspnes & Debbie Hodge!  If you like it, click on the Vote for Me Penscrappers image & cast it!  I had a lot of fun putting this layout together.

Inspiration and lessons by Jessica Sprague; cool free kit provided by Anna Aspnes and the challenge hosted by PenScrappers: 10 THINGS TO HEART CONTEST!

The layout itself is a template from Debbie Hodge's Building Pages class in which she teaches various techniques & styles of building pages & the conceptual reasoning behind each.  It's a great class, especially if you are an avid traditional, hybrid or digital scrapbooking diva looking for motivation and LOTS of templates to *Get It Scrapped*, as Debbie says!

PenScrappers website is offering Anna Aspnes kit free and my layout is packed full of the elements in her kit to give you an idea!

Many of you may have seen these photos of Jessica before!  It is definitely time for a Jessi photoshoot!  Marty and her are going on a hike this weekend & I plan to follow along for a while to get new photos of her!  The cropped shot of her holding her cello is one of my all time favorites!  I've used it on at least 3 layouts!  I also love the photo of her walking away barefoot with her cello and the angles of her skirt that flow with the style of Debbie's layout & Anna's kit!

The doodling is mine which needs *REFINEMENT*!  Perhaps tomorrow with a fresher outlook, I'll redo & detail more!  Lately, I have wanted to branch to learn new techniques.  And the best way to learn is to jump in!  I've only scratched the surface, however, Jessica's Pen & Tablet class is filled with many Photoshop techniques that evolve around layouts, photo editing and, of course, use of the Pen & Tablet.  I'm using my Pen vs. Mouse now, 90% of the time!

Looking forward to seeing what everyone has done for this challenge!  And believe me, we've had quite some party at the J*S website!  Lots of excitment, challenges & wonderful techniques!

Keep Creating!





  1. I love your layout. Still have to do mine - missed the challenge - but not the point I hope!


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