Artist: Jeannie - Mardis Gras~

Alo Blogger-Budz!

{Alo = Frenchy-style Greeting!  But don't quote me on that...}

<---- See that amazingly adorable card??? 


My dear, sweet friend, Jeannie of Dragonfly Journeys sent me this card since I typed up a plee requesting that she sell this gem!  In true form, she sent it from her heArt!  I received it today, after digging into the stack of mail & squealing to my daughter, "Oh! Jeannie sent me my card!"

This is a great photo of it -- but truly, the photo does not do it aesthetic justice!  In person it's even more vibrant, if you can imagine that!  The limey-grass green & royal purple stand out.  Details pop & inside are layers of similar papers with jeweled accents & hand chalking {one of Jeannie's signatures}. 

I adore it!  I could *totally* see me wearin' fish nets to a Mardi Gras party {where absolutely noone knows who I am!!!}.  Seriously, this little Hoity-Toity is fun, festive & whimsical!

I commented to Jeannie recently, and I've followed her blog almost for as long as I've had my own, that I kinda feel like I am looking at newspaper funnies every day I visit because I either get a chuckle or smile from her work.  She is quite creative & can really crank them out!  I don't know how she keeps up with it!

I swear Jeannie, one day we will have to all get together for our own rendition of Mardi Gras!  Thank you so much!

EVERYONE stop by her blog to visit & say hello, when you get the chance.  She'll appreciate it & you'll enjoy her beautiful, sweet cards & style!

Keep Creating!  Or as Jeannie sez, Peace & Luv!

p.s.  She added glitter to the beads too!  YAY!





  1. What a gorgeous card. She is talented for sure. I love New Orleans and all things Mardis Gras - always seems so otherwordly. Reminds me - must scan and scrap that holiday...... Sigh - is my work ever done?

  2. OMG, Juls, you've become an artist with this work. Your son is absolutely gorgeous & I'm sure, adorable, as well. So happy we caught up a bit. xx's Marsha

  3. You lucky shedevil you, Juls. That card is GORGEOUS! Doesn't it just make you want to hop a plane to Carnival? I wish there was some sort of masquerade ball around here. I'd so be begging my hubby to go to it and if he wouldn't, I'd drag some gals out. lol I'm not a green girl usually, but I LOVE that! It reminds me of that beautiful bag you had last year!



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