Digi: Jacqueline & Chief Layout

Okay, Okay!!!   I'm a total Jessica Sprague addict!  Is there a 12-step program for that?!  See that vibrant, gorgeous photo of Jacq & Chief up there?  All because of J*S Photo Editing: Good to Great Workflow class.

This layout was completed for the Spraground Challenge-Wk3  assignment to use this fabulous pattern triple-treat:

1. Stripes
2. Polka dots
3. Flowers

I've been admiring scrapbook layouts and cards that use the *Paper Strip* look.  Typically, a simple photo, lots of strips of decorative papers and a ton of embellishments.  I guess I'm too complicated to do chicly simple layouts.  For whatever reason, mine generally turn out rather bold, colorful and warm.  I DO love the way this turned out anyway.  It's so cute.

HINT:  On the torn paper layer mask, I flipped the object and adjusted the sizes of each strip to make them appear independent and actually torn.

My search to resize layouts for last year's golf banquet slide show was the search that led me to our one-and-only, Jessica.  This woman is so smart.  I adore her and admire her style.  And the Spraguebabes can be demanding - their thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.  POOR JESS!  And I have to admit, I've sent little messages and posts {vibes} as well.  You can't help but want to learn more when you see how powerful Photoshop Creative Suite is.  And it is so fun to work on something that's creative and for your family, perserving heritage and documenting traditions, celebrations, LIFE.

Blemishes and fly aways for both Jacq & Chief were cloned out! Edited in RAW editor balancing whites, blacks, amping up mid-tones. Then, did an adjustment layer-curves to spike and lighten lights and deepen darker tones. Learned how to create a composite to sharpen. Smart sharpened. Resized and saved for the WEB.

Check out their photo BEFORE G2G. {Below}  This photo really was very good to start with. I took about 55 images and while a lot were good, I always try to get a *winner*. This is definitely full of character & delight.

Here's Chief, all happy that Jacq picked him up.  Funny photo!  This photo needs a little more editing.  You can tell that it wasn't sharpened or done in RAW editor.  Darling, nonetheless.