Digi: Beautiful Evidence Album~

One Day

When my children, my family or someone
leafs through the pages of this album,
know that Love is to be cherished.
Life is to be lived to the fullest.
And that Faith will help you endure
yours struggles & strengthen you.

I wish you & your family more Joy
than ever dreamed.  I hope that
you will always seize the day & strive
to be the best person God intends
for you to become.

Always Remember ...

Family can be likened to a tapestry;
the back of it messy with colorful
threads & textures overlapping each other.
Yet, the front is truly a Work of Art,
as your family is a Labor of Love.

Together, we weave our tapestry.

Another project completed from Jessica Sprague online Photoshop classes called *Beautiful Evidence*. It's a 20-page photobook album about Family. "In this self-paced class create a complete an incredible 20 page digital album celebrating the Beautiful Evidence of your life! This course comes with a giant free kit (worth over $150) and 20 detailed Templates." Detailed it is and a major accomplishment even for those who have Intermediate skill in Photoshop. As a Beginner crash course to digital scrapbooking, it is worth it. To save time, if you are new, I recommend copying Jessica's design/papers. If you are an Intermediate, be sure to review your pages side by side for design flow, as you go along vs. waiting until you've completed all 20!

Overall, I am very pleased with the results of my album. I could have spent more time working on the *flow* of the papers! But as a first major Photoshop project, this was a big endeavor, accomplishment & worth all the time putting together. It's a wonderful momento for your Family to have as a keepsake, as well as reminder for all the blessings we have in our daily lives.  Plus, Photoshop Rocks!

I am really looking forward to more classes in Photoshop & Photography this year! 

I've ordered mine thru Shutterfly.




  1. As ever Juls you have made beautiful art...to cherish too...love this..thanks for sharing and a very Happy 2010 to you and yours..and I hope you get all your dreams come true this year xx

  2. Juls ... your book is AMAZING! Fabulous job. What a treasure.

  3. This book made me all teary! You did such a fabulous job and to hear that Martina song playing is perfect. What a beautiful family and gorgeous book. Congrats on finishing it!

  4. You are so talented! This is so beautiful. My fav pages are pages 6-7. I LOVE the design. Happy New Year my friend! Best, Curt

  5. Juls....this is just beautiful! What a wonderful album to leave your your family~I may have to get busy and make one for mine!!

  6. @Everyone Thank you for your sweet comments! I'm busy working on a new album and will be posting soon {i hope} ...



  7. Hi Juls...
    Your so funny, I can just picture little birds flying into your garage & perching on your wreaths! I love your book & I ADORE shutterfly & make books all the time!! They are awesome & make fabulous gifts...too fun.
    Have a Wonderfully Happy & Healthy New Year Friend...

  8. What a fabulous book Juls! Thanks for sharing it with us, it make me want to tackle one myself:)

  9. You've come so far in the digital scrapbooking! I love the book. I've been trying to catch up and reading through a few entries. Your love of family really shines through. I knew you were a joy to read, but I think I may have forgotten just how much of one. :)



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