Photoshop: Jessica's Baptism~

~Jessica Elizabeth~
Baptism 12.20.09

The past few months have whirled passed.  And just as the brisk winter wind swirls across the broad horizon, sunsets of pinks & light blues capture its' reflection in each other's eyes.  The glowing transluscence of the sky speaks as testimony to our Lord's grandeur.   We momentarily pause within the chilled, clear air & gaze at the beauty of the sight.  The daily awe-striking miracles of our world can make us feel rejoiceful!  Life continues along its' course, sometimes inspiring, sometimes challenging; yet, we realize how blessed we are for everything that is delicate & strong.  We are inspired.  We feel our souls stir within.

Our lives are weaved with rich threads of color, overlapping with different textures; intricately overlapping, as a beautiful tapestry.  The tapestry of family, of life, and of love.  We marvel at how unique each tapestry is.  How artful & rich with delightful color.  Just as we are unique as families; we are unique as individuals.

My sweet Jessica was born to us in Spring.  She was meant to be born in that season.  The earth richly scented, glorious skies that can quickly burst into rain, lightening and thunder; yet, from the nature of Spring, the blossoms opened with celebration & the sun shone down upon her gilded hair.  Although winter has begun, it is fate for December to be her season of renewal.  From the heart of our daughter, a loving young woman; her faith has drawn her to the light, even in winter.

I am joyful for her.  I pray for her belief to always guide and support her.  To provide solace during difficult times.  To create beautiful moments of celebration & love.

She is my Buttercup.  My blondie-girl.  She is always & forever in our Hearts.  We are so proud of her for commiting to Christianity and beginning a new life with the Lord, Our Savior. 

We love you so much, Jessica.

Love Always & God's Blessings,




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